It’s been nearly 6 weeks since the new blog went live. Since it’s Labor Day weekend, I thought I’d assess how we’re doing thus far. I would also appreciate your feedback on the blog–look, usability, features, content…whatever. I view the blog as an avenue of service…so I want to make it all it can be for those that find it helpful. Leave your feedback in the comments.

Here are a few tidbits:

  • New Vintage Leadership is getting more hits than did by about 15% consistently. So, that’s good news 🙂
  • Many sites and feed subscriptions still link to If yours is one, I would really appreciate your willingness to change the link. In about 10 days, I’m planning to take down the old site.
  • I’ve heard from many of you about some technical difficulty leaving comments. I’m looking into it.
  • For those that don’t yet link in or subscribe to the feed, I’d be most grateful if you would consider doing so.

Here are all the appropriate links:




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Thanks for logging on. Back to normal posts Monday morning 🙂