Welcome to New Vintage Leadership! After years of personal blogging (which I will still do a bit of), I’ve decided to shift to a more focused blog on the categories listed in the grey section of the top navigation bar. Picture this blog as an emerging storehouse of resources (writings, podcasts, vlogs, etc.) on topics that will help advance the Kingdom.

From time-to-time, guest-bloggers will offer their insights. I will also begin posting interviews, learnings, and things I’m wondering about. I’ll be engaging more in responding to comments and questions than I have in the past, as I want this blog to be a conversation, not simply a monologue. I’m setting aside a bit more time to do so…and making the shift from TypePad to WordPress should help. I’ve uploaded all the posts from the old TimSpivey.com . They can be searched here on this blog. However, they aren’t categorized and tagged as they should be. I will be rigorous with this going forward, and chip away at categorizing the 800+ posts I transferred over from TypePad.

So, take the time to poke around and see what you can find that might help you as you serve the Lord. For those of you looking to keep up the Spivey family, the best way to do that going forward will be to follow me on Twitter or become a Facebook friend.

If there are features or things you would like to see, send me an email or drop a comment. I’d love to know what you think. Thanks for logging on. This should be interesting 🙂

Tomorrow, I’ll offer a tour of some of the new features.