This weekend is Mother’s Day weekend…a great time to think about the incredible gift of moms. Here’s a prayer from a great mom…especially poignant as we watch the Myanmar crisis play out:

"O God, our Father, our souls are made sick by the sight of hunger
and want and nakedness; of little children bearing on their bent backs
the burden of the world’s work; of motherhood drawn under the grinding
wheels of modern industry; and of overburdened manhood, with empty
hands, stumbling and falling. Help us to understand that it is not thy
purpose to do away with life’s struggle, but that thou desirest us to
make the conditions of that struggle just and its results fair.

Enable us to know that we
may bring this to pass only through love and sympathy and
understanding; only as we realize that all are alike thy children—the
rich and the poor, the strong and the weak, the fortunate and the
unfortunate. And so, our Father, give us an ever truer sense of human
sisterhood; that with patience and steadfastness we may do our part in
ending the injustice that is in the land, so that all may rejoice in
the fruits of their toil and be glad in thy sunshine. Keep us in hope
and courage even amid the vastness of the undertaking and the slowness
of the progress, and sustain us with the knowledge that our times are
in thy hand."

–Helen Ring Robinson