I apologize for being derelict in my duties as a blogger…but it’s been so worth it. I’ve been having the greatest time with my family! Mom and dad were in town until Friday morning. I’ve enjoyed time with just Em and the kiddos.

Here are some highlights…

  • Santa brought the PlayStation 3…and a TV with it…man! I must have been really good this year…
  • We saw the movie, "Atonement." I’d give it a 7.5 on a tough 10 scale. Good twist at the end, and it helps you think of redemption and grace in a different light. It also helps us all understand the importance of truthfulness.
  • It’s always fun watching little kids open Christmas gifts…about as good as it gets. Now I get to teach them how to ride the bikes Santa bought them.
  • I also got a full lineup of new reading material.

This morning, I’m blessed with a Sunday off. So, we’re going to a neighboring church for a little feeding. No matter where else I go…I always find myself missing HOCC. After worship, we have some of Em’s relatives coming over for football and food. Good times.