Hallelujah – Shanjaya is Changing Vocation

Well, tonight it happened. After weeks of anticipation…Shanjaya  (aka Shania) bit the dust. So, on the one hand, I must say, "Hallelujah!", on the other hand, I must give credit to Shanjaya for handling criticism in a totally stand-up fashion. He never lost his smile. He never got bitter.

Interesting lesson for those who receive a steady IV drip of criticism. RIP Shanjaya…

Here are the new American Idol power rankings for the final six.

6. Lakisha – Great voice, horrible week… she needs to have a good week….
5. Chris – Bad voice, horrible week…but he’s good looking ….so the 14-year-old girls will keep him in it for 2 weeks…
4. Phil – Gotta pull for the worship minista…great week for him…needs to keep rolling…
3. Blake – the coolest of the guys…still couldn’t sniff the vocal quality of the top 3 females…
2. Melinda – The best voice…with lesser star quality than…
1. Jordin – Get ready for queen Jordin… Voice, smile, respectable, and only 17.

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5 thoughts on “Hallelujah – Shanjaya is Changing Vocation

  1. I remember in the news a few years back, they talked about a clause that states that the producers had a right to _____ (i can’t remember the wording, but it basically said they can do whatever the heck they want, regardless of the voting). So, yes, it is definitely possible that they took him off. It is also very possible they kept him on all the time. Who knows. Everyone knows “reality TV” is an oxymoron anyways.

  2. Very depressed about Sanjaya’s exit. The entertainment factor of that show just dropped in half for me with his departure.

  3. Gotta wonder last night if those tears from Sanjaya were of joy, relief, or sadness. And just for conspiracy’s sake, has it occurred to anyone that someone else might have had the lowest number of votes, but the producers decided to cut him anyway so he wouldn’t taint their big week next week?
    Just asking…

  4. Glad to see you are getting it right this year!You are spot on with your top three and the reasoning behind it.