Going Home?

American Idol was interesting last night. David Cook again proved to me he’s the best on the show. Archuleta was good…not great. Carly was good, not great (and the judges were too hard on her). Kristi Lee Cook was much better than the judges gave her credit for…this could be the end for her. Brooke White wasn’t good last night, but is still the most likable person on the show. Syesha was good..but could still go home. Jason Castro better get ahold of his travel agent.

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2 thoughts on “Going Home?

  1. I totally disagree. I hated David Cooks song. Maybe because I’m a diehard Old School Mariah fan. But, he butchered that song. Yes, it was different, but please, who is going to buy that and listen to that? Still like him though.
    Usually we agree on the Idol commentary, Spivey. But, I have to say I really enjoy Castro. His voice records very well.
    The one thing I’m tired of on the show is Archuleta’s upturned palm. Put his runs were pretty darn smooth at the end of his song.
    I’d personally like to see a guy face-off for the finale like in season two (Ruben and Clay).

  2. Had you heard this?
    This week’s star was David Cook performing “Always Be My Baby.” That’s particularly impressive given what he has to deal with offstage, as his older brother reportedly is suffering from cancer and was scheduled to be in the audience this week, accompanied by nurses, to watch him perform. Cook didn’t mention his brother, but he appeared more emotional than usual and the judges’ comments brought him to tears.
    I noticed they showed a guy during and after David’s song who had very little hair and looked emaciated, frankly. Must have been him.