Last week, PPP (Public Policy Polling) released a poll showing, allegedly, God’s approval rating in America. They found that 52% of Americans approve of the job God is doing and only 9% disapprove.


I bet God can sleep a bit better at night now.


Does God really care whether we approve of the job He’s doing? I don’t think so. He cares whether we follow Him. He cares whether we love and obey Him. But, as to whether He cares what we think of the job He’s done with Creation, with the animal kingdom or natural disasters…or “His” handling of the economy…I don’t think so. He doesn’t need our approval.

Surveys like this one betray how far some in society’s view of God has fallen. People of faith throughout Scripture have questioned God’s “handling” of various scenarios–David, Job, Moses, and others. However, the heart cry of faith to the Trusted One seems different than poll results rooted in the belief that our “approval” is something God needs…like the President needs our votes.

God is who He is. My opinions of the job He’s doing at being God are at best presumptuous and worse self-centered and bordering on blasphemous. It assumes I know what’s best for the universe. It assumes God can fail–based solely on my view of what success/failure would be like for God. It makes me feel like God and I are more or less peers–He just happens to hold a higher office.

The people at PPP (Public Policy Polling) seem to have taken the poll with at least a morsel of tongue in cheek. Good, and I don’t want to overreact to this. I just continue to be amazed at the presumption and haughtiness with which many (including Christians) continue to address God.

What do you think of the poll? What does it tell you?