Today was one of those days I was reminded of how quickly life can change. Nothing too awful happened. Nothing too joyful happened. But, life can change quickly. I'm sure you've noticed before 🙂

We earthlngs rarely stop to consider that every moment we are sitting still we are still traveling 1070mph (at the equator) as part of the earth's rotation. We have the ability to have things moving quickly around us while continuing (thanks to gravity) to live life as though we weren't hurling through space at breakneck speed.

Oh for our spirituality to resemble that! Here in San Diego, we are actually traveling at roughly 839mph. I can try to jog against it…but I'll never be able to jog fast enough. Here's the good news: I don't have to. Nor do I need to worry when life begins to change. Jesus said, “Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble." Ain't that the truth?

But, why shouldn't we worry?

Jesus says, because of God.

God is our gravity.

No amount of activity, no amount self-discipline, no amount of trying to control one's own destiny, no amount of worrying, will keep the world from spinning, the sun from shining and the rain from falling. Perhaps our job is to realize acknowledge the world is always spinning…and be faithful in the time and place God has placed us and anchored us. This relieves a great burden from our shoulders and leaves room for the yoke of Christ. Just like I don't spend my days worrying about the fact that I'm traveling at 839mph, I don't need to worry that God has spilled the milk or that the world or my life are moving too quickly for Him. I need to let the great world spin, living for Christ today and holding my plans loosely.

When life seems like it's spinning out of control…God is our gravity. He is the reason we don't need to worry. Because He holds it all…including us…in His hands.