Wednesday night begins the Global Missions Workshop. At the Arlington Convention Center, it will be Missionspalooza for the Churches of Christ.

It’ll be a great honor to share the pulpit with my friends Gordon Dabbs, Don McLaughlin, Monte Cox, and a panel of missionaries from all over the globe. I can’t think of a better way to spend a few days than hearing about what God has done and is doing in far away places.

Global Missions has fallen on hard times lately as American churches have realized that Christian America is a thing of the past and look toward domestic church planting. Those of you who know me know how passionate I am about church-planting in the United States and abroad. Nevertheless, global missions has always been the way the church has imagined God’s activity in the world beyond themselves and their city. This is a blessing.

Before I die, I would love to plant a church, and serve as a long-term missionary abroad. I think those are amazing ways to serve Christ. To all the missionaries, and to all the “missions folks” that help keep global evangelism in the church’s view…thank you.

Here are a few ways to get involved.

1. Support a church plant you are aware of. If you need help, check out the web sites of Kairos, Missions Alive, Nexus, Stadia, and other church-planting organizations.
2. Take a short-term missions trip during the summer. Log on to if your church doesn’t have organized trips in the summer
3. Serve on the missions team at your church. Contact the missions team leader or an elder at your local church.
4. Put your church’s missionaries pictures on your refrigerator. If you have to…steal the one in the church lobby. (just kidding).
5. Come to the Global Missions Conference. Dallas will be waiting for you with three digit weather…but it’s cool inside!