I love David Allen's book Getting Things Done. As a minister, you HAVE TO come up with some sort of time management system that works for you and follow it religiously…or the week will eat you alive. Why? Because it's easy to procrastinate as a minister. It's not the procrastination that comes from laziness (though I know many who struggle with it)…it's delaying the sometimes more difficult and less comfortable stuff of ministry–confronting people, preparing the delicate or challenging message, returning phone calls you know won't be pleasant, or taking aggressive steps to move the church forward that need to happen–but are likely to make our lives much more turbulent than peaceful. 

Here's the truth: When we delay, things typically get worse, not better. And, as we procrastinate, responsibilities pile up and we begin to feel overwhelmed. When we feel overwhelmed we begin to procrastinate further because we don't know where to begin and wonder if our work will actually accomplish anything given how much we have to do. 

Today, make the difficult phone call. Say what needs to be said. Have the difficult conversation. Return the email that's been sitting there forever. Take a step up a high and steep Kingdom mountain. And don't procrastinate. The Lord is with Thee.

Here's a funny video that mocks procrastination. Sometimes, it's good to just sit down and, as my friends in Texas say… "Get 'er done."