stream of consciousness

Here are some things I’m thinking about this Friday morning.

  • This coming week I’m spending uninterrupted time doing some writing and doing long-range strategic planning–including sermon planning for 2012. I haven’t done this since 2009, and it’s shown. Every minister should do this at least once a year. Every church should ask their minister to do it at least once a year.
  • Today is the one-year anniversary of my transition from North County into the wacky world of church planting. Sunday will be the 1-year anniversary of New Vintage Church’s first “unofficial” gathering. I’m thankful for the most challenging year of ministry I’ve ever had and what God has done with New Vintage Church. It’s been a loaves and fish level miracle thus far–and I believe His greatest works are still very much ahead of us.
  • I’m particularly thankful for Randy Armstrong, Peter Wilson, and D.J. Iverson, my true partners in the Gospel. Their courage throughout this first year has inspired me.
  • Someone asked me what I thought the best blog on the web was. It didn’t take me a long time to say, “Seth Godin.” What do you think?
  • It won’t surprise me if Matt Barkley has a better NFL career than Andrew Luck.
  • I’ve recently discovered the music of Madeleine Peyroux thanks to Pandora. Wow. Kind of a Norah Jones 10 years before. She’s taken over as my favorite Pandora channel. Bluesy/Jazzy stuff is some of my favorite music to work to.
  • I couldn’t care less about this year’s BCS “championship” game.
  • The NBA is back. I’m less enthused than I wish I could be. Labor disputes over billions of dollars for millionaires leave me dry. Maybe I’ll get back into it all the way. It’ll probably take a while, though.
  • My generation’s big theological wrestling match is similar to the “social gospel” debate of yesteryear. The debate shouldn’t be between inner or outer life, or between “justice” or “spirituality. Those are always false dichotomies. The real debate is over which runs point. Life with God is inclusive of justice and compassion. The opposite is not necessarily true. That’s why life with God himself must run point. Oh well, we can debate that later 🙂
  • I also think it’s easier for most Christians to serve someone than lead them to faith, which is a part of why we like to attach the word “mission” to service rather than evangelism these days. It makes us feel as though we’re being evangelistic in our own way. This is partially true, but also incomplete.
  • I watched Mitch Albom’s movie, “Have a Little Faith,” on ABC. It’s moving to the Hallmark Channel going forward, and it’s well worth watching. It’s going to be a bit too pluralistic for many, but there’s a lot of gospel in there and the acting is superb. The book is also a great read.
  • I need a couple of book recommendations for the coming week. Any ideas?
What do you have on your mind this Friday?
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