stream of consciousness

Here’s what’s on my mind this Friday morning:

  • Frankly…not a whole lot.
  • However…
  • If a government shuts down and no one’s there to hear it…
  • At least over the noise of the pundits…
  • The blaming that is going on shows poor leadership on all sides. Just once, I’d love to hear someone stand up and say, “You know, I wish I’d done this differently,” or, “Here’s what we’re going to do differently going forward.”
  • Seeing the Pirates and Rays do what they’ve done to get to the MLB postseason is really inspiring. I also love the Oakland Moneyballers and their rock bottom payroll continuing to get it done. What a thing of beauty.
  • Alex Rodriguez is now suing baseball. Sigh…
  • God will always be greater than the stubbornness of human hearts. We should never believe God can’t change someone.
  • The late Edwin Friedman’s new book, The Myth of Shiksa: and Other Essays is on my Surface and ready to read, but I can’t find the time to start. It’s a compilation of scattered essays put together by his daughter.
  • One must have at least a general sermon preparation process. Otherwise, sermon preparation can bloat into a wandering journey through random thoughts and miscellany not related to the message at all. There’s so much interesting stuff out there it’s easy to get distracted if there’s no method to the madness.
  • Leadership’s function as the immune system of the Body may be its most important function.
  • There is hardly a more overrated, useless instrument one can use in assessing a church than what percentage of the budget goes to staff.
  • There are few more insightful tools one can apply in assessing a church than what percentage of regular attenders give regularly–and/or tithe.
  • Listening to the new Matt Redman album has reinforced in my mind his standing as today’s greatest hymn writer. He has a big, sovereign God with big, unfathomable grace.
  • Church systems is an underrated factor in a church’s growth/stagnancy/decline. Making sure there is strategic alignment, no “sideways” energy or silos (ministries operating independently with little communication, cooperation, or shared vision), and they are appropriate to the size and growth rate of the church.
  • The three main ways silos develop are 1) Leadership allows a rogue leader to lead it into silohood and 2) Few but those leading a ministry have a passion for the ministry. A third is communication collapsing as a decentralizing of leadership increases the burden of communication beyond that which those leading ministries can bear.
  • Police in Rock Hill, South Carolina, were summoned to a school when a boy erupted into a rage after his 26-year-old female teacher made the mistake of … confiscating his iPad. It won’t be long before this will labeled a disorder, the boy a victim, and we will have a government subsidized program for it.
  • Was that cynical?
  • Yes.
  • So, what’s the cure for cynicism?
  • Hope.
  • That, I have plenty of. Thank you, Jesus.

What’s on your mind this Friday?