stream of consciousness

Here are some things on my mind this Friday morning:

  • These three things are junk food weaknesses – powdered donuts, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and queso. Against these, I have only words as a defense.
  • The Supreme Court rulings on marriage this week disappoint me. But I try to remember the rulings don’t define marriage any more than I can build a statue to Baal that redefines, “God.” Some things aren’t our to define. We may create counterfeits or “do what is right in our own eyes.” But that’s all it is–in our own eyes.
  • It’s also a reason neither side of the political spectrum need to focus their energy on government policy. Those who live by the law… get disillusioned by the law. Just the day before, some were railing against the Court for their decision on the voting rights act.
  • Christians give Caesar his due and respect Caesar, but they don’t trust in Caesar. The reason is…government is made of people who sin and abuse power–just like we are. Besides, while Scripture teaches God may use governments to carry out his Will–it’s clearly not his primary vehicle of choice.
  • It went awesome after God gave Israel that king they asked for, didn’t it?
  • Oh…Paula Deen…
  • Spending less than you thought you would or could have isn’t saving money. It’s still spending. It’s better than spending more. But, it’s still spending.
  • 28 NFL players have been arrested since the Super Bowl.
  • If the NFL doesn’t curb some of this, between this and the concussion issue, parents will start turning their kids toward other things.
  • Here’s a chicken and egg question–does the sport make people rougher around the edges, or do people who are rougher around the edges make or gravitate to the sport?
  • When was the last time we heard of a murder perpetrated by a tennis player or PGA Tour player?
  • Aaron Hernandez… what a waste of a young life. Not just his life, but that of the young man he murdered. Beyond the tragedy of the murder is a lesson about the importance of who you hang out with. Who we hang out with will impact us, whether we want to admit it or not.
  • My old, cussing Italian baseball coach told it to me this way (edited for language). “Consider the gardener, young Spivey. At the end of the day, he smells like roses–because that’s where he’s been. Now, young Spivey, consider the cesspool repairman… At the end of the day he smells like… Hang out in the rose garden…not the cesspool.” OK…
  • I never thought to ask coach who that gardener that smelled like roses at the end of the day was. I’ve been in the garden for a day, and I didn’t smell like roses at the end.
  • It’s sad to me how many people reach adulthood and still don’t have one really good friend. It’s no good. The church really has an opportunity for ministry among the lonely.
  • Does anyone like having videos start playing automatically when you access a website?, particularly, is a violator. I would rather have to exert myself to click the mouse once than to have a video blast in a library unexpectedly.
  • Watching news media like newspapers or TV stations continue to decline without change–while blaming the viewers/readers–reminds me a lot of dying churches. Both rationalize their decline by refusing to change and blaming others.
  • It surprises me how many churches wait until they are down to a divided small group before they seriously consider change. Don’t quit smoking when you’re on a respirator. Go ahead and do it now.
  • Among the late night comedians, I still think Leno is still the best at his hour. Fallon is most creative, Kimmel is sneaky funny, and Conan is the best physical comedian. Colbert is probably the funniest man on television–but too political for my taste.
  • Got a church problem? Ultimately, it’s always a leadership problem.
  • Yep, multi-site is here to stay. It looks like the mega-church is going to stay for a while, too.
  • Yasiel Puig shouldn’t be on the All-Star team. Unless he keeps this rampage up until All-Star weekend. Or, put him in the HR derby. That would be fun.
  • This week has been, cumulatively, the wildest of my life. There is no way I could have planned it this way.
  • Do you have your summer reading list together? What’s on it?
  • Moving is a good reminder that this world isn’t our Home–and at the same time, what hell will be like.

What’s on your mind this Friday?