stream of consciousness

Here are some things on my mind this Friday morning:

  • I better be careful what I write because the government is reading this.
  • 🙂
  • Our church is involved in a remodel now. I used to be an agnostic when it came to church facilities, but was converted when I saw the difference such projects can make. Whether they do or not often depends on what kinds of improvements the church is making and whether they are well done or not.
  • My observation is that exterior improvements to the front and entryways of the building and worship space will tend to make the biggest difference.
  • Infrastructural changes–A/C overhauls, plumbing, etc.–are sometimes necessary but add nothing “felt” to the church’s life. Don’t overspend in these areas.
  • Churches would benefit more from their missions and compassion efforts if we focus on incarnational interaction with our sites. By all means, write the check. Even better, let’s choose works that allow us to engage with the people we are reaching/helping. Then we won’t be just getting good things done–we’ll be shaped spiritually into more mission-minded, compassionate people.
  • The MLB Baseball Draft started last night. One of the reasons that draft is less popular is because it means less.
  • Your journey has just begun when you are drafted–you are still a relative long shot to every make the major leagues. Neither football nor basketball have true minor league systems. In baseball, the minors run 4-5 layers deep. With the possible exception getting a PGA tour card, baseball is the hardest sport in which to become a viable professional.
  • Even the best college player will have to do a couple of years in the minors, and then have to get a starting position once he’s in the majors. That’s tough. One can be a starter for an NFL franchise or NBA team right out of high school or college (NFL). Not so in baseball.
  • Which is why players feel like they need to cheat (cough, cough… A-Rod, Ryan Braun–and a host of others) to get ahead.
  • They don’t. This new doping in baseball story has me upset because it’s the same sleazy crew.
  • The only way to clean the game up for real is to void the player’s contract in addition to suspension for a doping infraction. That would do it. A-Rod would have lost hundreds of millions of dollars–as opposed to 50 games of salary–and likely never be able to sign another contract again. That might make one think.
  • I’m so pulling for the Spurs to be the Heat it’s ridiculous.
  • Having said that–LeBron is ridiculous. I like LeBron…I loathe the Heat.
  • Google’s Evernote knock-off, “Keep,” is interesting–but I’m an Evernote loyalist. They do pretty much everything right from product to customer service and price point.
  • Justin Bieber has something rattling around up there.
  • The spat between Microsoft and Google on calendar syncing is causing havoc in my life.
  • And, I’m sure that really bothers both companies 😉
  • The best way to get over a fear of public speaking is to do it over and over again until you’re not afraid any more.
  • It’s hard for Christians to understand how the priesthood of all believers and spiritual gifting and calling can happen together at the same time. It seems we either think everyone can and should be able to do everything, or we don’t let people get involved in meaningful ways in the name of “gifting.” Somewhere there must be an understanding of the Body. Everyone is not an eye, but we are all vital parts of the Body and called by God to be who the Spirit has gifted us to be.
  • It’s time to put together my summer reading list, and I’d like your help. Give me a great book recommendation–fiction or non-fiction. Ministry or non-ministry. I’m hoping to read at least a dozen books this summer–and would love to hear your recommendations.

What’s on your mind this Friday morning?