stream of consciousness

Here are some things on my mind this Friday:

  • As the summer hits, I’m going to include some personal notes in this week’s edition.
  • It’s interesting how often I hear, when discussing volatile issues of our time with Christians (even pastors), the phrase, “I just feel…” or “I just think…” lead off their statement. On many of the issues of our time, it’s vital the Scriptures remain the foundation for making decisions–personal and church. As a Christian, my first question is, “What would God think of this?” Not, “how do I feel about this?” Because, as a Christian, my feeling is that I want to do whatever God wants. I want how I feel about it to match what God thinks about it. My opinion and God’s aren’t the same thing–and it’s easy to confuse my opinion for God’s voice. However, the answer isn’t to retreat into the shallow, self-interested water of my opinion.
  • Many of the matters of our time are extremely difficult and not black and white. However, many shades of gray we perceive today are really just pollution in the well of biblical wisdom by personal opinions and politics.
  • The Spiveys are moving this summer–just houses. Moving is a lot like going to the dentist for a week. It’s no fun…but sometimes necessary.
  • My favorite part is being charged “transition fees” by utilities, cable companies, etc., for the right for them to charge me for using their services in our new house. Huh?
  • Based on the popularity of Tuesday’s post on “How to Get Along with Your Worship Leader,” I’m releasing, “How to Get Along with Your Preacher,” next Monday. It’s only fair 🙂
  • This summer, NVC will undergo a remodel of our worship space. For the summer, we are going to be in the Fellowship Hall. This should be interesting–and perhaps even fun, temporarily.
  • The stock market can’t continue going up. This feels like a good time to sell.
  • Not that I have much of a portfolio. It’s more like a business-card, actually.
  • I can’t believe how gullible the government thinks Americans are.
  • This summer, I’m looking forward to a vision trip sponsored by Compassion International and Leadership Network to Quito, Ecuador.
  • When churches say, “We don’t have the money,” what they usually mean is, “We don’t want to ask for it,” or “Our people don’t want to be asked for it.” That says a lot about a church.
  • If Christians would simply tithe, there would be plenty of money to accomplish the church’s vision, transform our communities and put a serious dent (if not end) the hunger and water problem our world faces on a daily basis.
  • Churches that view resources as finite will struggle. It’s a matter of faith–of serving the Christ who fed thousands with a few loaves and fish.
  • Over Memorial Day weekend, we took the kids to the USS Midway museum here in San Diego. It was amazing. If you get the chance, you should do it. We also watched Zero Dark Thirty–not with the kids 🙂 I’m thankful for our military. My dad is a Vietnam veteran and my grandfather was a WWII vet. It’s just amazing what some of these men have experienced. Today, we are so much softer.
  • Speaking of which, if you haven’t read Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand (author of Sea Biscuit), you simply have to do it. They are making it into a movie that Angelina Jolie will direct.
  • Who decides who is or isn’t an evangelical?

What’s on your mind this Friday morning?