stream of consciousness

Here are some things Friday morning:

  • The NFL Draft kicked off last night, and the big takeaway I had was that every “draft expert’s” is about as helpful in predicting the results of the draft as NCAA hoop expert’s bracket before the NCAA tournament. Heavy on the fun and light on the accuracy.
  • Yesterday, the George W. Bush Presidential library opened. I’ve always believed he was a good man, and that belief was only reinforced yesterday.
  • Sometimes, missing out on great opportunities can turn out to be the best thing for you.
  • The Padres are off to a 6-15 start. The league is standing in fear.
  • I like a Spurs vs. Heat NBA final.
  • My distrust of American media in general was reinforced by the two headlines this week referring to the Boston bombings and a bombing attempt “Bombers motivated by religion.” Religion?
  • The next day a bomb plot was foiled in Canada, the headline read: “Muslims foil terror plot on Canadian train.” Why not religion? 😉
  • If you haven’t heard any of the testimony coming out of the Gosnell abortion clinic trial, it’s horrifying and important for people to read this.
  • I don’t like doing “topical” sermon series very much. I’m defining “topical” here very narrowly–as a series that’s not just preaching through a book of the Bible. All of my sermons have a major text I’m preaching from–and are expository in the classic sense. But, I find it more difficult to preach a series on “prayer” or “family life.” I’d rather work through the Gospel of Luke, Ecclesiastes, or something like that.
  • Happy 2-year anniversary to New Vintage Church! What an amazing adventure of faith it has been. I’m so thankful for all God’s done.
  • I’m going to say something very “Un-P.C.” here: nearly every church I’ve seen start and fail over the years focused on community impact without doing a good job of building a strong sense of spirituality in the Body. They seemed to see spirituality as “inward focus,” and go from one service project to the next without ever giving people a clear sense of why they’re doing what they’re doing–and offering the supply of the Spirit for what they are doing. Spirituality isn’t the enemy of community impact. It’s the lifeblood of community impact.
  • “Justice” is becoming the most overused, misused and co-opted word in the Christian vocabulary right now.
  • Right behind it is, “leadership.”
  • The 10U Girls Softball team I coach had the best team in the league on the ropes. So, their coach initiated the stall sequence to run the game time out–time outs, shoe tying, having the pitcher take a minute between pitches, overthrows of the pitcher with no one on–the usual. At home plate after the game had been called, the guy says, “You guys couldn’t have beaten us anyway.” My response was, “we’ll never know, because your girls are all still tying their shoes.” I get sarcastic when I’m upset. Not a great moment for me, admittedly.
  • I went to the doctor for my annual physical. Everything was fine. But, my energy has been down a bit. He said, in essence–sleep more, play more, eat right, stress low. Apparently, idealism cures.
  • But, it’s still good advice.
  • A year in ministry is better training for ministry than reading 25 books on the subject.
  • The Pepperdine Bible Lectures are almost here, and I’m really excited for Mike Cope and Rick Gibson.
  • I’m also excited to present my class, which will deal with some of the systemic issues in the leadership paradigm in Churches of Christ–particularly between ministers and elders. The content is brand new. If you’re there, I’d love to have you attend.

What’s on your mind this Friday?