stream of consciousness

Here are some things on my mind this Friday morning:

  • Would you rather have a cup of cheap, fresh coffee or overcooked, high-quality coffee. I’m going cheap and fresh. Burned Starbucks coffee tastes like I’m drinking the contents of a microwaved spittoon.
  • KFC just started offering gravy as a dipping sauce. This is sheer brilliance. The world would be a better place if more restaurants offered a side of gravy with things…
  • Like cereal.
  • I’m embarrassed to say this, but out of all the conferences I’ve attended, I’ve never been to a Catalyst conference. Next week, I get to go to Catalyst West with the NVC staff. I’m really looking forward to it.
  • On the sports front, Emily and I just happened to have attended a certain baseball game between the Dodgers and Padres last night. How entertaining…
  • I do think Zach Greinke hit Carlos Quentin on purpose. There are many reasons, here are a few:
  • 1) The pitch high and tight to Matt Kemp in the 4th was the instigator. 2) Greinke’s reaction when he hit Quentin…not exactly dust and ashes. He cursed at Quentin. 3) The catcher lined up low and away. Greinke threw high and in. You don’t make 17 million because you miss spots that badly. Plus, his mechanics completely changed on that pitch. 4) Vin Scully, in his live call, seemed to think it was retaliation for the earlier pitch. Trust in Vin. 5) Matt Kemp’s reaction–totally illogical…unless Greinke got hurt trying to avenge you. 6) There is a history between Quentin and Greinke. 7) The count and game situation actually mean you can hit him without getting tossed–that’s why it’s perfect. People who think pitchers don’t throw at anyone when the game in the line don’t get the code. Roger Clemens threw at Mike Piazza in a tight World Series game. This is a throwaway game in the early part of a 162 game season. 8) Quentin has been hit by a pitch more than any active player (116 times), and Greinke has hit more batters. Quentin has never charged the mound…until last night. He knows when he’s targeted vs. one that got away. 9) Randy Johnson blames Greinke…and RJ was one of the greatest bean-ballers of all-time. He knows who did what there.
  • Having said that, Quentin shouldn’t have charged, and I don’t like that Greinke broke his collarbone.
  • Having said that… Kemp really talked and strutted a lot. He threatened much and did nothing. His parking lot “confrontation” and going after Bud Black (the Padres Manager) was weak. I think Kemp ordered the Code Red, and was freaking out because it got out of hand and now Greinke’s out for a minimum of 8 weeks.
  • Don Mattingly was disingenuous in the press conference–and that hurts me to say–he was my childhood hero. I understand being frustrated, but you can’t say Quentin, a two-time All-Star and Stanford man is too mentally dim to understand the game if he thinks Greinke threw at him. Mattingly played in the 80’s, when bean-balling was made an art form. He knows better. Having said that, I’d probably take up for my player, too.
  • Now, the Dodgers-Padres series at Chavez Ravine starting Monday has become must-see TV.
  • Many in our church have been praying the hours this week to cultivate a more prayerful life. It’s been a huge blessing.
  • The discipline of praying on the hours might have helped Carlos Quentin with his anger management issues.
  • I used to watch American Idol religiously. I’ve hardly noticed it’s been on this year. I get the sense I’m not the only one. In hindsight, I think they’ll look at hiring Nicki Minaj as the beginning of the end.
  • When a church is looking to hire a minister and calls looking for names before describing their church, that’s a red flag.
  • When they aren’t interested in discussing the long-term vision of the church (even when asked) because they want names, that’s another red flag. It suggests both a lack of captivating vision, and a low view of staff. This is intrinsically also a low view of the church.
  • Microsoft and Google are in a spat, and as a result, Microsoft no longer supports Google Calendar and vice-versa. It’s a losing cause for Microsoft in my opinion. Microsoft’s product is superior, but Google’s is more popular and has a larger platform.
  • Meanwhile, despite massive stock value loss, Apple hibernates like a sleeping Grizzly. Watch out for them.
  • One takeaway from coaching girls softball this year–you can push players (even 9 and 10-year-old girls) really hard and have a good time. However, they must know you love them, and you must mix in some fun. There is a lesson here for those leading staff teams.
  • A & E better hurry up and give the Duck Dynasty crew their raise. I’m almost done watching season three and will go through serious withdrawals if I stop.
  • I might even go Carlos Quentin on an A & E executive. Give Si his raise!
  • That’s all for this week, Jack!

What’s on your mind this Friday morning?