stream of consciousness

Here are some things on my mind this Friday morning:

  • Last night, New Vintage Church had our first foot-washing and Christian Passover service. To me, one of the highlights was the foot-washing part at the beginning. My Anna and Olivia (10 and 8), helped wash feet, and I thought to myself teaching them the servant heart of Jesus is a lot more important than math.
  • However, why not learn math, too?
  • We had about 20 people present who found out about the Passover service by googling something like, “Escondido Passover.” Times have changed.
  • It sure seems like Dennis Rodman smoothed things over in North Korea, doesn’t it?
  • If you want to put your prayers to good use, pray for these two things: for God to work mightily through those communicating Resurrection this weekend, and that for hope for those feeling death’s sting temporarily due to the loss of a loved one.
  • This week 3 mothers we knew under the age of 40 have died and left children behind. It’s disease in 2 cases, and a car accident in another. So, so sad, and yet, one thing remains.
  • When economic data doesn’t match the stock market, beware. Our present economic malaise doesn’t match record heights for the market.
  • Duck Dynasty is amazing. I regret I didn’t really discover it until about a month ago. For a city kid like me, it’s like a trip to the human zoo–and it’s a joy to watch with my kids. They LOVE Si.
  • I just read a headline in USA Today, “Woman slaps the wrong child at school.” So, who was the right one?
  • If NBC hoses Jay Leno, I’m going to be mad. Jay’s gotten it done for more than two decades, and Fallon needs another 3-5 years of grooming before he’s ready. The real question is: who does CBS have to replace Letterman?
  • One day I want to sit down with Rob Bell and ask two questions: 1) What happened to you, man? 2) Was there a trigger and what was it? I’m such a huge fan of his communication style–but it pains me to read him any more.
  • I took some heat (pardon the pun) for saying Miami’s streak was overblown. They played half of those games against sub-.400 winning percentage teams, came from far behind in many, many of those games, and played the best teams (save OKC) on their run without that team’s star playing the game. Eventually, they lost to the Bulls without Derrick Rose or Joakim Noah. That’s not dominance. That’s more like a really good team with really good luck. You’d thought I had denied the sky was blue.
  • I’ve noticed preacher’s sermon preparation routines have come to vary far more than in the past. It used to be fairly standard week-to-week preparation with some advanced planning. Now, there are ninja-like weapons of warfare employed–especially those who are more preaching minister than lead minister in terms of giftedness. This is going to raise the level of preaching long-term. This is a good thing.
  • I’ve also noticed a shift in preaching Easter. 15 years ago, I thought preachers struggled with the suffering of Christ at the cross during Easter week. Today, some preachers are so in tune with the suffering Savior they don’t know how to faithfully preach the Victorious Christ–except to say He was victorious through suffering. It’s not untrue, just incomplete. We need to be fully in tune with Christ’s suffering, death, victory at the empty tomb and present activity among us.
  • Some preachers like to start new series on Easter. I like to end on Easter with a resurrection-focused message, but see no problem with either. What do you think?
  • Right now, A-Rod is making more money than the entire Houston Astros roster.
  • How’s your bracket? I still have 2 of my final four left, including both in the final game. The rest…an absolute mess.
  • When you get down…just remember, the first pitch of baseball season is nearly upon us.

What’s on your mind this Friday?