stream of consciousness

Here are some things on my mind this Friday:

  • Starting out in ministry, one of the most difficult things to do is to get to know oneself as a minister. We think we know ourselves and what we think when we leave seminary. We don’t. The first 5-7 years of ministry is usually spent discovering one’s ministerial self.
  • One’s true peak ministry years are probably 40-55. However, many of those hiring believe they are 30-40.
  • I have awesome parents.
  • Whenever I hear parents say the kids are the most important thing–I cringe. God first, marriage second, kids third. When that order is confused, families get themselves in trouble.
  • It seems to me Christian leaders are struggling more and more with the sovereignty of God–particularly as it pertains to the atonement, heaven, hell, etc. To me, it’s hard to struggle with it biblically. To do so, theologically, begins to unravel the Doctrine of God’s Love, as well. If God can’t really say, “no,” His “yes” to us in Christ means little.
  • The longer he’s out of coaching, the more respect I have for Phil Jackson’s coaching ability. No one has been able to take an amalgamation of odd and finicky parts and build them into a championship team.
  • He was equally masterful at getting the best out of true problem cases (Ron Artest, Dennis Rodman, etc.)
  • A big part of his secret was his emotional IQ, which gave him the ability to know when to let it go, and when to push.
  • I wonder how many pastors have these gifts when managing church staffs. Hopefully, church staffs don’t have many true problem cases. But, there may be some people who bring a lot to the ministry that just aren’t thrilling to work with.
  • So, perhaps Greg Popovich is a better model. Class, teamwork, winning.
  • It’s official, I have fallen in love with the show, Duck Dynasty. Phil is my favorite. There’s an odd wisdom to him to go along with lots of funny stuff.
  • Anyone know what happened to American Idol? I don’t hear much about it any more.
  • Happy sequester day. Guess what? The sun still came up, the earth is still spinning, and God is still in control.
  • I couldn’t trust American media much less than I do.
  • This morning, CNN/Money reported monthly income dropped the most last month as it has in 20 years. The average families income dropped 3.6% last month…though there are some rational explanations for it you can read in the article. It’s still not good. But, these days, one cannot read headlines–one must read content.
  • What’s this going to mean for churches? It doesn’t change the principles of biblical giving. So, let’s not make the same mistakes many of us made at the beginning of the recession–ignoring or downplaying giving because times were tight. It’s in such times we make pivotal, spiritual choices about where our treasure is.
  • The unsung movie of Oscar season was Life of Pi. It’s truly remarkable, and offers great insight into the way non-Christian, pop culture sees spirituality these days.
  • Trying to build anything in California is like trying to plant a garden in your driveway.
  • But, summer (and baseball) is on the way…so I’m in a good mood.

What’s on your mind this Friday?