stream of consciousness

Things I’m thinking about this Thursday morning (but calling it Friday):

  • It is a bit ironic that Coach K. passes Bob Knight for all time wins at the same time Joe Paterno wrestles with the mess at Penn State. I have a hard time imagining Coach K. handling such an occurrence at Duke in the same way. Then again, I never could have seen Joe Paterno handling it like that either. I’m ready to stop thinking about the whole thing for a while. What a tragedy.
  • The current sermon series at New Vintage, Generous, is the first I’ve preached from the NIV 2011. So far, so good. The more I read it, the more I like it.
  • My reading time has dried up recently, so I’m still working through Jim Collins’ Great by Choice. Really, really interesting. Next up is a book I’ve been hearing a lot about– The Trellis and the Vine, by Collin Marshall and Tony Payne.
  • Chrome was my browser of choice, but ever since I upgraded to Lion, it crashes all the time. Safari works the smoothest. Conspiracy?
  • I’m not so sure being a “critical” thinker is all that good of a thing. I think being a “good” thinker is much better.
  • I’ve decided to do some more extensive writing offering practical thoughts on improving ministry in Churches of Christ. It’ll take the form of an e-book/PDF, unless someone decides to pick it up for print. But, I haven’t asked 🙂 I’ll post some updates here in the weeks ahead.
  • I grew up serving on Thanksgiving Day. People said, when my dad started serving the lonely elderly of Long Beach at the Long Beach Senior Citizen’s Center on Thanksgiving Day, “No one will come.” Today, the number of volunteers outnumber the people they serve. People are naturally drawn toward service opportunities that are unique and clear.
  • I don’t believe all people are intrinsically selfish and greedy. I believe people created in God’s image struggle with the flesh, but can overcome through the power of God working in their hearts.
  • For task and life management practice, I’ve found nothing better than David Allen’s, Getting Things Done.
  • While I prefer reading books through IBooks, Kindle is killing IBooks when it comes to selection of books and features. E-reading is one area where Apple is getting trounced.
  • I have a real weakness for really good, gel-based pens.
What’s on your mind this Friday?