stream of consciousness

Here are some things on my mind this Friday morning:

  • The Manti Te’o situation is one of the oddest things we’ve come by in a long time. I don’t know what the truth is…but if he lied to us all to get himself ahead–he needs to make it as right as he can. A friend of mine (assuming Te’o conned us all) tweeted yesterday he should start dating Clint Eastwood’s empty chair. I tried not to laugh, and failed.
  • Is there a more touching scene in all the Bible than Peter hearing it’s Jesus and jumping into the water in John 21? I can’t wait to preach on it this Sunday.
  • Lance Armstrong…say it ain’t so. The reason he’ll be raked over the coals isn’t dishonesty, but rather he was cruel to those around him. He has few supporters who knew him well. It says something that none of his friends or family are stepping up to say he’s one of the most caring people they know. Thus, he and Barry Bonds will enjoy the same fate–except only Armstrong could surpass America’s all-time home run king in American folklore, so perhaps he’ll fall even further. It’s really a sad story.
  • The gun control fiats issued by President Obama are an interesting case study in leadership. To me, executive orders should be reserved for things like war time. Positional power is the kind we resort to when we lack the ability to lead through moral suasion and persuasion. He’s also severely hampered his ability to get anything done in Congress–and really put some of his fellow Democrats in peril at election time in 2 years.
  • The problem with unilateral decisions (regardless of their constitutionality) is you don’t change minds or hearts, and you often make big mistakes because you’re leading in general isolation.
  • Enough of that. I just find it a fascinating leadership situation.
  • No matter how tired, irrelevant & sad-looking a book may be, I still can’t throw one away.
  • At New Vintage Church, we’ve scheduled a “baptism Sunday.” It’s the first time we’ve done anything like it. We’ll obviously baptize people before or after, but it’s a concentrated season to simply think about it, teach on it, and get people to commit. The theory is, it’s easier to get married when one knows when the wedding is. So far, we’ve received a really good response. Maybe I’ll write a bit more about ours as things develop.
  • What in the world is happening to Apple stock?
  • We may be entering a doctrinal dark age. The one, however, is less an age when people believe nothing–but one in which we believe the wrongs things with great conviction.
  • I obviously think we need to be wise in how we live and portray Christ in our daily lives–but some Christians are near manic at the thought someone might not like Christians if we believe or say this or that. How does one live faithfully when one is willing to change not just the tone, but the content of their belief system?
  • Has anyone studied whether addressing the issues cited by our young critics in books like unChristian (which I found helpful) actually causes more of them to accept Christ and the Church? If, for instance, all Christians decided to accept homosexual behavior, would more people decide to become Christians? If they would, would it justify altering those beliefs?
  • Laker fans, this season is over.
  • Baseball season is drawing near.

What’s on your mind this Friday morning? Any thoughts on anything above?