stream of consciousness

Here are some things on my mind this Friday morning:

  • Colorado legalizes pot. California raises it’s own taxes again. Pro Gay-marriage motions pass in two more states. All over the place, states passed these small bills that will make a larger felt difference in their lives than the presidential election. Mayors, city councils, etc…they all changed Tuesday night. We all need to make sure we know what happened where we live.
  • I made the decision to switch from Apple to Windows 8. I still love Apple products, but the costs of Apple’s ecosystem from a financial and flexibility standpoint aren’t worth it any more. I like to tailor stuff to my use and have the freedom to use it once I’ve paid for it–regardless of Apple’s desire to make everything proprietary from books to music. Apple has become a pretty selfish company, really controlling it’s customers and locking them into all sorts of things. It’s like the tech version of a cell-phone contract…you can leave, but it will cost you. Well–it’ll cost me to stay with you too. So, if it’s going to cost me, I’d just assume pay as a free man.
  • Windows 8 is brighter, faster, better looking, much more customizable, and brings the monstrous Windows software options. You should really go play with Windows 8 sometime. The touchscreen laptops are really nice, and there some screen options even higher res and Apple’s retinal displays.
  • If I leave and decide to go back to Apple on my next iteration, all of my Apple stuff will be waiting for me. I still love Apple products. It’s the ecosystem that’s actually become the problem. They’ve created an island in an integrated world. I’m not content to live on that island any more.
  • Thanks for the positive feedback on “Breaking Through Imaginative Gridlock,” Leadia app ministry experience. Funny enough, it’s only available on Apple devices 🙂 If you have no idea what I’m talking about–click here.
  • It’ll take quite a while for Microsoft to catch up in the phone and tablet markets. But, they will–as Android caught up.
  • I’ll probably do some sort of ministry tech post soon to show how I’m using tech in ministry these days. Productivity tools have the ability to make ministry both more organized and portable.
  • Congratulations to the President on winning a second term. Some believe the country now has a future. Others believe the country has no future. Whatever future the country has–President Obama won’t determine it on his own.
  • Everyone is saying conservatism is dead. That’s what they said in 2008 after the Democrats won the presidency and super-majorities in Congress. Then 2010 happened, and liberalism was about to die. Then 2012 happened. Perspective. Our political ideologies have been around, generally, for over two hundred years. They won’t change in two.
  • It takes unusually creative and poor biblical interpretation to find support for gay marriage in the Scriptures. Yet, that’s what some “evangelicals” are attempting these days.
  • My heart continues to go out to those in the Northeast. What a mess. Nevertheless, I was warmed by the story of a group of young people who gave up their blankets to the elderly. It’s not all bad, folks.
  • How is Tim Keller cranking out a book a month these days? As a big fan of his, I’m loving it. But, wow.
  • As a result of the mess on the East Coast I’m going to move my sermon planning week to the Bay Area. I hate breaking tradition–but who knows, I might find this to be a new, better spot.
  • I read a lot on this trip, and would love some book recommendations. What’s the best book you’ve read this year?
  • Everyone is talking about the movie “Argo.” I need to go see it.
  • I’m still chewing on this leadership quote by Warren Bennis: “Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself. It is precisely that easy, and also that difficult.”
  • Many churches overhire support staff (facilities, secretarial, etc.). In churches under 800, one capable administrative assistant can usually support four ministers. If the church is staffed properly and ministries are integrated, they can live in those four worlds. It gets tricky if ministries are siloed, and those four worlds are really four worlds…rather than one world with four villages.
  • I love talking to would-be church planters. They ooze energy and hope. And, like a couple preparing to get married…they have no idea what they are entering into.

Have a blessed weekend.