stream of consciousness

Here are some things on my mind this Friday morning:

  • I love the age our older two daughters are at (9 and 8), compared to our youngest (2). I heard older parents refer to elementary school as “the glory years of parenting.” I really enjoy these years.
  • In church, it’s a great temptation for upper middle-class people to dress like the widow with two mites as to avoid the expectation of generosity.
  • Another temptation is to claim one’s giving is sacrificial when in fact it simply means one loses the freedom to spend whatever whenever.
  • I wonder if Hurricane Sandy would have even been noticed if it had happened in Nebraska, rather than a media hub? Who cares? People are people, and those impacted by the hurricane deserve our prayers and help.
  • At the risk of drawing massive scorn from my readership (which is highly Apple biased), I’m switching back to Windows from Mac with the release of Windows 8. I spent the week playing with it–and love it. I love the look, I love that even the laptops are touchscreen, and the superior software options. If you are a writer, Mac has some eye-catching software, but their editing software is poor by comparison. The biggest reason–I’m fed up with Apple’s bilking of it’s customers. Now, I can get bilked by someone else 😉
  • I love that Microsoft is launching a comeback right now. The wars between Google, Apple, and Microsoft mean cheaper, better service for everyone–whichever platform you pick.
  • The election is drawing near. I’m going to predict a Mitt Romney victory and a lot of contentiousness throughout next week. Who do you think will win? Keep it nice in the comment section below.
  • Whenever we blame our problems on a segment of people–racially, economically, etc., we typically make it much harder to solve problems and treat people as inanimate objects.
  • Christians, as a result of our constant hyperboles, manifestos and revolutions, are developing a grammar problem. The Kingdom of God and America are not the same thing. The Kingdom of God and earth are also not the same thing. Heaven and a utopian earth are not the same thing. The Gospel and benevolence are not the same thing. This doesn’t mean they have no relationship to one another. I’m suggesting they aren’t the same.
  • I take a one-weekish study break annually to read, pray, and plan out the following year’s sermon schedule. Some, like my buddies Jim Martin, Chris Seidman, Rick Atchley and others, take a month every year. Some wince at the notion. However, I might suggest it’s helped me stay in ministry through some pretty tough times. We all do different things with the time. For me, it’s spiritual renewal and a time to focus on the preaching part of my ministry. If you don’t have any time like this set aside, I beg you to do so. I’ll post on my process as the time draws nearer.
  • When people ask me which of the four Gospels is my favorite, I’m still at a loss.
  • Ask me whether I think Romans or Hebrews is the magnum opus of the N.T. letters, and I’ll be at a loss.
  • This week’s video is an homage to Disney’s purchase of LucasFilm. Enjoy Darth Vader goes to Disneyland.


What’s on your mind this Friday morning? Any election projections? (Be nice)