stream of consciousness

Here are some things I’m thinking about this Friday morning:

  • An Indian man just became a father again at age 96, breaking his own record. He met his 52-year-old wife 10 years ago, after practicing a life of celibacy. His quotes are priceless: “My neighbors are jealous and they keep asking me for my secret, but all I tell them is that it is God’s will,” He then adds: “I think it’s very important for a husband and a wife to have sex regularly and when she asks, I will go on all night, but for the sake of my child I’ve put our needs aside for now.” Toward the end of the article, he says that while he is perfectly capable of having more children, he’s done for financial reasons. Sorry…that’s just awesome. Click here to read the article.
  • It’s looking more and more like we need to start practicing saying, “President Romney.”
  • If finally got around to watching The Hunger Games movie. Usually I do better at keeping up with things, but I’m glad I got around to watching it. I really enjoyed the movie, though the premise is brutal and cruel. There are some rather deep themes in there, but I’m surprised how many parents of young children let them watch the movie.
  • Don’t you just feel terrible for A-Rod and the Yankees?
  • Neither do I.
  • The Trellis Project launches Sunday at New Vintage Church. I can share more after Sunday, but for a church of our size and age, it’s a really exciting, huge step forward in many areas of our mission and life together.
  • How in the wide world of sports can Texas still be in the BCS top 25?
  • Ditto, Iowa State.
  • Why, even with instant replay, are there so many terrible pass interference calls in football? They need to revise the rules in a big way it really slows down the games and has created a football version of “flopping” in the NBA–a rule they just fixed. If they called it about 20% of the times they call it, that would be about right.
  • A person’s giving/spending may tell more about what’s in their heart than anything…with a nod to what a person says. Yet, we never want to have our hearts judged by the things Jesus said indicated what was in our hearts. So then, what are the best indicators of where our hearts are?
  • This week’s video celebrates this week’s world-record free-fall jump with some humor, courtesy of one Conan O’Brien.

Have a great weekend!