stream of consciousness

Here are some things on my mind this Friday morning:

  • Happy 50th birthday to this humble column. 
  • More importantly, happy 8th birthday to my sweet daughter, Olivia.
  • Joe Biden laughing and grinning through the entire debate was condescending. Try that in your next elders meeting. 
  • Between the debate and post-season baseball, it’s refreshing to see our country pay little attention to the NFL on a Thursday night. 
  • I feel like Thursday night football is the NFL’s version of Law and Order: Trial by Jury. A chili dog is nearly always good–until you eat it five nights a week. Sunday and Monday is enough, Mr. Goodell.
  • I turn 37 on Sunday. Suddenly 40 seems young to me 🙂
  • I’m glad gas prices here in Southern California have returned to the low price of $4.89 a gallon. $6.09 was really expensive (note sarcasm).
  • When Justin Verlander is on, he’s unhittable. He reminds me of a young Roger Clemens.
  • I’ve been at home for the last 8 days by myself as a single dad with our girls. Here are some takeaways: 
  • 1) Every child really is different. This is something I already knew but it’s been ratified by my experience this week. Parents should strive for consistency in discipline, but “getting through” to each kid often happens differently.
  • 2) It’s amazing how many people expect a dad at home with the kids for any extended period of time to be near worthless for the task. This demonstrates a rather low view of men and is inadvertently a judgment on the women who marry them. If there are husbands/fathers who are domestically incapable, they need to become capable. However, that’s less likely to happen the more we mock men and tell women they alone are capable. It will also keep women locked into imbalanced lives in which they are the sole caregivers and domestic providers. 
  • 3) Neighborliness is beautiful to behold. Carpooling, kids playing at one another’s houses, a kid sharing lunch with a kid who left their lunch at home–these are building blocks of a healthier society.
  • 4) My wife, Emily, rules. That is all.

This week’s video features a comedic look at “First World Problems.” Sometimes, we do whine a bit too much for our own good–and demonstrate we sometimes don’t know what real problems are. This funny short video will help us all gain some perspective this Friday…if we’ve had a tough week–by our standards. Warning: there is a slightly salty part toward the end (but it’s hilarious). I’m hoping distinguished readers like yourself will be willing to endure it for the sake of the meta-message. Enjoy and have a great weekend!