stream of consciousness

Things I’m thinking about this Friday morning:

  • I spent Tuesday-Thursday off from blogging. I was attending the Commissioned Conference at Saddleback Church for church planters/multipliers. Emily was with me, and time with her with no kids is cherished. So, forgive me for my brief bloggabatical.
  • Commissioned was one of the better conferences I’ve been to in the last five years. Limited to roughly 300 total church planters and spouses, it was intimate, less chaotic, and gave you the chance to get to know the other people at the conference. There was plenty of knowledge sharing.
  • People say a lot of things about Rick Warren. From getting to know him just a little bit and now having heard him open up a few times–I’ll say: He’s a genius-level practitioner of ministry, he had one of the biggest hearts for the church I’ve seen, and he has one of the biggest hearts for the poor/marginalized I’ve seen. He doesn’t just write books about those things–he is intensely active in living out what he believes. Why some people feel the need to take cheap shots and him and other mega-church leaders is beyond me.
  • I really wanted to catch the debate between Jim Wallis and Albert Mohler on the Church and social justice. But alas, I missed it. I’m told the audio will be made available soon. You’ll want to catch that one.
  • I’ve never been more convinced that church planting/church multiplication is the future of the Church in the world. I would add to that the rebirth/resurrection of existing churches with a true mind to be such. I would say it’s 70% church planting/multiplication, 30% resurrection of the dead/dying. That also entails churches willing to die intentionally for the sake of the Kingdom so that new churches can live and thrive. This would turbo-charge church-planting/multiplication by solving it’s great conundrum–the funding problem.
  • While I’m still curious about the organic church movement, I still wonder about it’s viability in the United States.
  • The longer I’m in ministry the more I cherish my mentors, close friends and encouragers at New Vintage Church.
  • I’ve signed on to run a 200-mile relay with 11 other members of New Vintage Church next spring. That should be interesting.
  • The blog will be back to normal on Monday, with new posts in the biblical economics series, leadership, church planting, and a new lead cast.
Please feel free to comment on anything above. I’d love to hear your thoughts.
As always, thanks for reading, linking to, retweeting, liking, linking in, plus one-ing, digging, and all other 21st-century verbing the blog. It’s a great encouragement to me.