stream of consciousness

Here are some things on my mind this Friday morning:

  • The first presidential debate went down, and Mitt Romney was the clear winner. I suppose we can debate the merits of debate in general. I kind of prefer them to TV ads that twist messages so badly. I like putting them both on the stage in front of America and asking them to speak for themselves and to one another.
  • My incredible wife, Emily, is in Pepperdine University’s Masters of Science in Organizational Development program–the top program of it’s kind. So, while she’s away attending class, I have our three daughters to myself for 9 days. Check back with me mid-stream, but right now, I’m looking forward to some father-daughter time with them. I’m not really nervous about it or dreading it. I love my girls. At their ages (9, 7, 2) they can be a hand-full at times–but then again, so can I.
  • The Oakland A’s are the best story to hit baseball in years. I love the slim payroll and grinder style of play. This team reminds me a little of the Red Sox team that finally beat the Yankees–with about 2/3 of the talent that team had. I’m pulling for them in the A.L.
  • Myself and some of the staff from New Vintage Church went up to Pepperdine to hear Rick Gibson and Mike Cope talk about the Pepperdine Bible Lectures. They have some great new ideas, and I hope you’ll make plans to be in Malibu this May. Click here for more information.
  • This will make Detroit fans upset, but Miguel Cabrera’s season, while phenomenal, is a weaker Triple Crown season than others for two reasons: 1) raw statistical comparison (see this article from the L.A. Times) 2) His lead competitor for home runs, Josh Hamilton sat out a fair amount. Cabrera had 66 more trips to the plate than Hamilton.
  • Having said that, he should unquestionably win MVP over Mike Trout–who might win 6 or 8 before he’s all done. That kid is ridiculous. However, this is Cabrera’s year. Give the man his due.
  • I saw a bumper sticker on the car in front of me: “Obama is not a foreign-born socialist giving away free health-care. That would be Jesus.” Other than the fact Jesus was and did none of those three, it’s dead on. One needs to have a pretty intense political agenda and an active imagination to compare Jesus and Obama that way. 
  • Usually, when we compare Jesus to any human being or political platform we need to be extremely careful. It’s one thing to say, my politics are informed by what I believe about the Gospel and the Kingdom. It’s another to say my partisan, 21st century, Western, Democratic society politics are what Jesus was after while He walked the earth.
  • There are some elements of the church planting process used by most CP organizations that could use some refining. I’m going to do some blogging on this, but on the whole, I’m really thankful for those who are lifting up church planting and finding ways for us to do it better.
  • Some of my friends on the inside of the tech world say that while everyone is talking Android vs. iOS, the dark horse is Windows Phone 8, due out this month. We’ll see.
  • I wish we wouldn’t use the word “missional” as an excuse for poor ministry. Being small doesn’t make you missional. Being missional does. You can be small and missional, or large and missional. You can’t be too stubborn to change, whether big or small, and call yourself missional.
  • My favorite new worship music comes from Matt Redman, Hillsong (all stripes), and New Life Worship. 
  • Early World Series prediction: San Francisco Giants beat the New York Yankees. Evil triumphs over evil. Bleh. My heart would love to see the A’s vs. the Reds, however.

What’s on your mind this Friday? Who do you have winning the series. Call it now!