stream of consciousness

Here are some things I’m thinking about this Friday morning:

Let’s begin with some thoughts on the Chick-fil-A situation:

  • The need for brevity in a post like this precludes a lengthy discussion of sexuality and the finer points of the arguments surrounding gay marriage. I will simply say I’m proud of Chick-fil-A’s president for stating his support for traditional marriage. I can remember when this was allowed in our country. But, even it isn’t, the church should say it anyway–in a way that honors Jesus.
  • Chick-fil-A has violated no one’s rights. Chick-fil-A isn’t refusing to feed people who come into the restaurants. In America, we have no right to force ideology on anyone. We can control actions to some extent–but not thought. 
  • The mayors of Boston and Chicago are out of line. Not only are they unwise to speak for all of their own citizens, they have no right to prevent a company from doing business in their state over ideology–not law. Can you imagine what would happen if the mayor of Dallas said a business that supported gay marriage shouldn’t be allowed to do business in Dallas and tried to impede their doing so? I know, and so do you. So, why the double standard?
  • Dan Cathy stated his position–just like the leaders of Oreo, Disney, Starbucks and others have stated their own and opposite position. It’s a sign of a mature society when people can disagree without trying to exert brute force on others to conform to their ideology. What’s going on now shows how immature, ideological, and anxious our government and society have become.
Now for other thoughts:
  • The Dodgers acquiring Hanley Ramirez was a great move. The Yankees acquiring Ichiro? Even better.
  • The Olympics start tonight, and if you don’t like the Olympics there’s something wrong with you. I would never choose to watch swimming, gymnastics, soccer figure skating, archery, or other Olympic sports–except for the Olympics. I’m a baseball, football, and basketball guy. 
  • My favorites–swimming, track, soccer and yes, gymnastics (sssshhhhh…).
  • I haven’t been to see the Dark Knight yet. I’d love to, but it feels a little odd doing so now.
  • I may be the only one that thinks so, but I feel like the Penn State thing is spiraling out of control and moving past well-deserved disciplinary action to an excessive, posthumous degradation of Joe Paterno.
  • Three scenes that make me think of God instantly–the ocean, beautiful mountains, and a child laughing.
  • I get to preach Ezekiel 37–the Valley of Dry Bones–this Sunday. I can’t believe I’ve never preached that text. What an awesome story.
  • I’m starting to dabble in photography–though I have no camera other than my iPhone. The reason photography is so fun is you get to paint a picture of a moment in time. You get to express what it was like to be there to whoever sees the picture…through that picture.
  • I don’t care where Dwight Howard ends up at this point.
What’s on your mind this Friday morning?