stream of consciousness

Here are some things I’m thinking about this Friday morning:

  • Emily and I spent this week in Orlando getting a few days of rest, and enjoying the spiritual renewal provided by the North American Christian Convention.
  • Christian Churches have thrived over the past twenty years or so for a number of reasons. One is their ability to stay in fellowship with and even support those interested in doing things differently. They don’t typically cut off their change agents–even if they can’t allow their change agents to change their existing contexts. They’re happy to help them start a new church, change roles, find a church where God can use their vision–as long as it’s biblical. As a result, their fellowship remains strong and they’ve hung onto a lot of entrepreneurial leaders that might have otherwise left to pursue what they believe is God’s call on their life.
  • The Lead Minister is given more ability to lead the operational side of the church in Christian Churches than their cousin fellowship–Churches of Christ. This helps grow churches and expands ministerial tenures. I’ve said a lot on this in other posts, so I’ll just mention it again here.
  • There is an obvious culture of sharing and lack of competition. They genuinely want to see one another succeed. Colleges, churches, etc., root for each other and in many cases, proactively help one another meet goals. God blesses this sort of Kingdom mentality. One can only imagine what might get done of Christianity in general functioned this way.
  • The MLB All-Star Game proved once again real baseball is played in the National League.
  • I remain surprised at how many parents think good parents are those who de-emphasize their marriage for the sake of giving their children all the “opportunities” for extracurricular activity.
  • What if international travel and/or short-term missions were required as a part of seminary training? The value of travel in the development of people is substantial. I know Jesus never traveled very far from His home, however, the Great Commission and Paul’s missionary journeys should point us toward the obvious–staying close to home isn’t intended to be paradigmatic. Spending time in other parts of the world broadens our worldview, expands comfort with diversity, and reminds us that the Kingdom is bigger than our church, hometown, state, or country. God is redeeming all creation.
  • I agree the U.S. Olympic team’s uniforms should have been made in America, but the sanctimonious condemnation from Congress has been laid on a bit thick. This isn’t the first time it’s happened, and suggesting the American team’s uniforms should be burned doesn’t seem very patriotic, and probably doesn’t help our relationship with China either.
  • Let me encourage you to check out Leadership Network’s app Leadia on IPad or IPhone. It provides interactive leadership growth tools. The app is free, some content must be purchased.
  • Thought provoking stuff on keeping our physical bodies in good shape from Gary Thomas in his recent book, Every Body Matters: “The curse of today is that so many Christians equate bodily sins with sexual sins. The only possible bodily sin, in their minds, is related to lust. If they’re not sinning sexually, they believe these verses don’t apply to them. The contemporary age of the church is the only generation that has believed this.”

What’s on your mind this Friday morning?