stream of consciousness

Here are some things I’m thinking about this Friday morning:

  • The blog format I use received an update this week. So, this iteration of the blog is in Beta for the next week or two. It would be a blessing for me to hear your thoughts on formatting as we go.
  • Funny story in San Diego at the downtown fireworks show: they accidentally let off all the fireworks at the same time the whole show lasted only about 20 seconds.
  • I’ve seldom met an eldership who believes they are too high-control, and seldom met a preacher who feels they have enough freedom. I also perceive that most elderships believe their preacher to be semi-competent or relatively incompetent. Preachers tend to view themselves as highly or even omni-competent. There is a correlation between these views of self and others. We control for two primary reasons: our own emotional baggage or fear of what might happen if we didn’t control.
  • The Lakers should be arrested for grand-theft Nash.
  • I looked at the course evaluations for the course I taught at Pepperdine earlier this summer. It was the first class I’d ever taught, so I was actually mildly nervous to read them. I’m used to criticism of my preaching, leadership, writing, etc. However, it’s interesting how opening up a new area of life to criticism makes one feel. I was pleasantly surprised at how gracious the reviews were.
  • I have no problem with competitive eating–as long as we’re sticking with hot dogs. To the guys who slam bowls of mayonnaise–that’s just gnarly.
  • I’ve had a bronchial cold for 2 weeks running now. Intellectual exercise–would you rather have the stomach flu for 4-5 days or bronchitis for 3 weeks? I’ll take the stomach flu.
  • If given a choice of flying one airline the rest of my life, I’ll take Southwest. Nicer people, cheaper tickets without baggage fees, and on-time arrivals.
  • The North American Christian Convention is this coming week in Orlando, Florida. Anyone who can get there should attend. You can follow @gotonacc on Twitter for live updates. I’ve gone every year since 2006, and still hold out hope for full reconciliation between Independent Christian Churches and Churches of Christ.
  • The biggest difference today between Churches of Christ and Christian Churches today is far different from 1906. The big difference now isn’t music style. It’s ministry style.
  • It’s still hard to beat a good monster home run. Thanks for this 485-footer, Cameron Maybin.

What’s on your mind this Friday?