stream of consciousness

stream of consciousnessHere are some things I’m thinking about this Friday morning:

  • The Jerry Sandusky situation is so, so sad. Yesterday, one of his adopted sons came out and said he was abused by Sandusky, as well. This coupled with the ongoing Catholic Priest scandal has me as church leaders, we need to do whatever we can to protect the young from such violation.
  • Remember Google+ ?
  • I’ve always thought their unwillingness to open up their API to more app makers allowing for better integration was the downfall. They are just now dripping it out. Too late. Google + failed to do much with their early opportunities–because they thought their product didn’t need anyone/anything else. There are lessons to be learned here.
  • One of the hardest facts to embrace as a church leader is that sometimes doing more hurts the church. Less isn’t always more. It is often.
  • Congratulations to the Miami Heat. Though they represent much of what is wrong with modern-day sports–I am oddly happy for LeBron James. However, the, “Is he better than Michael Jordan now?” stuff has to stop. Call me back in 10 years. However, LeBron is clearly the best player in the NBA and probably will be for at least the next 5 years.
  • As many in our congregation continue their journey reading the Bible through in 90 days, some wonderful stories have developed. I can hardly count the number of time I’ve heard, “I had no idea that was in there!” I also love how our church is cheering each other on when people fall behind. The sermons throughout the summer at NVC are pulled from the reading for that week. So far, we’ve done creation, the 10 commandments, the transition of Israel’s leadership from Moses to Joshua and this Sunday, I’ll be preaching David and Goliath.  It’s challenging but also a lot of fun as a preacher to pick one text from so many wonderful passages to share with the Body. So far, the campaign has been great and I would recommend it highly to any church.
  • Barack Obama has had a terrible week. Wow. Those who enjoy this should remember that if President Obama has a tough week–America usually does, too. Amidst all the election year tension we will experience throughout the remainder of 2012, let’s try to be as gracious as possible.
  • Church leaders do well to decide how much they will address the politics of the day–before an election year.
  • The NBA really needs to go back to the 80’s style. Let ’em play. I  would vote for a 20 free-throw cap per team. That’ll cut down on the flopping…and perhaps the whistle-blowing. The current style is slower and more dictated by officials than ever. I can hardly watch it.
  • Couples avoid counseling for the same reason churches avoid consultants: they don’t want to admit they are struggling or have recommended to them something they don’t want to do. In either case, it’s usually not matter of how-to, but rather the emotional processes at work that are frustrating the couple’s/church’s progress.
  • One more option for the NBA–let Bill Laimbeer, Rick Mahorn, and Kurt Rambis officiate the Finals. We’ll see how good the two teams really are.
  • I continue to hear people infer Christianity is relatively absent in California–as though California is a God-forsaken Gomorrah of sorts. While there is certainly plenty of sin (as there is everywhere) God is most definitely on the move out here. California’s Christ-followers are amazing people.
  • For that matter, there are a lot of great churches out here seeking the advancement of the Kingdom.
What’s on your mind this Friday morning?