stream of consciousness

Here’s Friday’s stream of consciousness:

  • On 9/11, New Vintage Church opened up our homes to host some Navy SEAL trainees that are in the middle of a brutal training experience. We’ve started a small group that meets on base. A hot meal, a TV to watch football, normal people to talk to, and a place to take a nap was all we offered. It was simple. Ministry doesn’t always have have smoke pots and trapezes involved.
  • I’ve spent the last few days with some amazing church leaders talking ministry. I think I’d almost rather do that than go on vacation.
  • California’s regulations make the federal government seem laissez faire.
  • Emily got hosed on our anniversary this year. We were dressed up, ready to go, and the babysitter was on the way when the San Diego blackout happened. I can’t wait to make it up to her.
  • Time stood still until I hit 30. Now, it sprints by me. It flies by.
  • I don’t think sports helped heal the country after 9/11. I think it offered a distraction that helped us cope with the pain of 9/11.
  • Football may have actually gotten too big in this country.
  • I still enjoy the baseball playoff more than any other sport’s playoffs. It’s not eternal (like the NBA), only one game per round (NFL), and involves a ton of strategy.
  • If I had a choice of a day at the DMV or a day at the dentist…give me the dentist.
  • Often, you can tell who the “real deals” are in ministry by how they treat assistants, interns, and those in more modest ministry contexts.
  • People in power must be all the more careful to be kind and gentle to the less powerful. Helping with an iron fist helpeth little.
  • I’m really glad they didn’t release the name or address of the one utility worker supposedly responsible for the blackout last week. However, I’m sure Southwest would be happy to offer him a “Wanna Getaway?” fair.
  • I asked my friends on Facebook this week to name companies they thought actually offered good customer service. I named Southwest. Then, I started to run out. Several named Nordstrom, In N’ Out, Chick-fil-A, and several local joints. Al Gore needs to push for the protection of really good customer service as an endangered species.
  • Some continue to write and pontificate on the supposed decline of the Church in America. I see a period of pruning going on, leading to a time of great flourishing.
  • A question I’m thinking about this morning: Which attribute of God most shapes my theology and hermeneutic?
  • We went to Back-to-School night last night. It’s great to see kids growing intellectually in addition to spiritually.
  • Thought from Rick Warren for churches this past week – Don’t be cool. Be effective. Word.
  • A great cup of coffee, a great pizza, a great steak, and a great bowl of warm soup on a cold night–all a little slice of heaven.