stream of consciousness

stream of consciousnessHere are some things I’m thinking about this Friday morning:

The Father lets the Prodigal Son leave the house and doesn’t go after him? What is there to learn in that?

If someone had never been to Malibu and I had one meal to give them a taste for Southern California, I’d pick Duke’s.

This Thursday, I’ll be the guest speaker on Pepperdine’s Ministry Workshop. We’ll talk about building a healthy church staffing. Registration is limited to the first 100. Click here to register.

  • I can’t make up my mind on the new Norah Jones album. Ditto the new Carrie Underwood album.
  • Who still uses the word, “album?”
  • Is there anything that makes a leader come across more weak than blaming others?
  • It can be helpful to one’s preaching to watch really good stand-up comedians work their craft. It keeps you laughing, stimulates creativity, gives you a sense of humor timing, and helps you how to see the funny in everyday stuff. Besides, laughter is good medicine in it’s own right.
  • I’ve been more out of touch with American Idol this year, but I know enough to know Philip Phillips Phillipson should not be in the finale. Josh was great! Booo00oo….
  • New Vintage Church starts it’s 90 Days Through the Bible journey on May 28th. You can join us if you’re man/woman enough! It’ll actually be 88 days, with 2 “grace days” of your choosing. Click here to let us know you’re going to jump in with us. You can also find our church Facebook page here.
  • Almost none of my college students have seen The Breakfast Club. What is wrong with this generation?
  • If you’re short on vision or creatively stuck right now, consider this from Edwin Friedman: “The great lesson of this turnaround is that when any relationship system is imaginatively gridlocked, it cannot get free simply through more thinking about the problem. Conceptually stuck systems cannot become unstuck simply by trying harder. For a fundamental reorientation to occur, that spirit of adventure which optimizes serendipity and which enables new perceptions beyond the control of our thinking processes must happen first. This is equally true regarding families, institutions, whole nations, and entire civilizations. But for that type of change to occur, the system in turn must produce leaders who can both take the first step and maintain the stamina to follow through in the face of predictable resistance and sabotage.”
  • Every church should consider bringing in some fresh eyes to offer observations and insights every 2 years or so.
  • The movie, The Queen, has a TON of leadership lessons in it, and far too few people have seen it. It’s a fantastic movie. I love the job Michael Sheen does playing Tony Blair. Of course, Helen Mirren is fantastic as the queen. It’s Friday. If you’re staying home, make some microwave popcorn and que it up.
  • My daughters have been making me proud a lot lately–and it’s such a fantastic feeling. It makes me want to make God proud.

What’s on your mind this Friday?