stream of consciousness

stream of consciousnessHere are some things I’m thinking about this Friday morning:

  • I got to see The Avengers in 3D this past week. Though I’m not a big action movie fan, I enjoyed it. The entire price of the ticket was validated by 10 seconds of the Hulk beating Loki into the floor. I laughed for 30 seconds.
  • The NBA playoffs are under way. With the Mavericks getting bounced in the first round, I’m faced with the difficult choice of a team to root for the rest of the playoffs. So here it is: …..not Miami.
  • This whole thing with John Travolta is just awkward.
  • I survived my first week of teaching as an Adjunct Professor of Religion at Pepperdine. I teach 3 hours a day and have 30 students in class. The class is required, Religion 301 – Christianity and Culture–but has a leadership emphasis.
  • On paper, I could see I had nearly all seniors, including 5 who had already walked for graduation and have only this class left to take. I was thinking the students would be largely checked out. On the contrary, because they’re seniors, they’re smart, organized and mature. They’re less squirrelly and ask great questions.
  • Mother’s Day is Sunday. This one will have a little extra meaning to me as a son because we almost lost mom this year.
  • New Vintage Church is leading a campaign to get as many as want to to read the Bible cover to cover in 90 days. I’m all for Lectio Divina and the more “contemplative” ways of reading Scripture as well. But, something around 90% of Christians have never read the Bible cover-to-cover. This may have something to do with not only “biblical illiteracy” but also theological vertigo that plagues some. Reading the Bible in 90 days obviously isn’t a cure-all or anything. However, cultivating the discipline of Scripture-reading is important.
  • Throughout the summer, the sermons will be taken from the texts we’ll be reading as a church as part of the campaign.
  • Josh Beckett’s chippiness when the press asked him how he could be golfing the day after he missed a start because of a lat injury made me nauseated.
  • Props to Retro Fitness for choosing the phone number 867-5309 . If you don’t know why that’s awesome, you’re under 30, or over 60.
  • This week’s video is of an extreme Facebook update. Don’t try this at home, kids.

What’s on your mind this Friday?