stream of consciousness

stream of consciousnessHere are some things I’m thinking about this Friday morning:

  • I read recently of a new sound machine that plays Darth Vader breathing for up to ten hours. No offense to the inventor–humorous idea. As for me putting my kid down to one of those–or sleeping to it myself…no thanks. It’ll be interesting to see how people who sleep to Vader’s hot breath turn out.
  • In my opinion as a parent 3 times around now, the only age more chaotic than 2 …is 3. The teen years are challenging, I’m sure…but it’s hard to give those years a nod when they’re out of the house so much of the time. I know a lot of parents who actually enjoy the teen years a lot. I know none who sit back and go, “Honey, you remember when they were 3…I wish we could back there.” Props this Friday to all moms of youngsters out there.
  • I wish Christians writers, bloggers, church planters, and publishers would use the terms, “revolution,” “missional,” “justice,” “manifesto,” and “Gospel” more carefully.
  • Next week is the Pepperdine Bible Lectures. It’s one of my favorite weeks of the year. This year is the last year Jerry Rushford will serve as director–after 30 years. I’ll write a more detailed post on this later, but Jerry’s done a fantastic job as director. I’m also eager to see how Rick Gibson and Mike Cope will add new dimensions over time.
  • The week after that, I begin teaching a university class, “Christianity and Culture” at Pepperdine. I’ve always wondered if I would enjoy or be any good at teaching. It’ll be fun finding out.
  • If I got to pick three places to visit before I die that I have visited already, I’d pick (in this order) — the biblical sites, Italy, and Australia.
  • The Padres hit like I dance.
  • There hasn’t been a movie out that I really wanted to see since The Help. It feels like Hollywood has three genres to offer adults right now–political pieces, rom-coms, and odd sci-fi/fantasy flicks. I’d also love to see some good comedies produced. Easier said than done, I know.
  • If you haven’t checked out Pepperdine’s new series of ministry webinars, you should. They are 30-minute, live, ministry workshops that allow people to send in questions as well. Mike Cope, Tim Pownall and Alan Beard have done a great job on the first three. On May 24 at 11am, I’ll be offering the next one on hiring well and building a healthy church staff. You can register for the live webinar by clicking here. Click on the menu bar on the left to listen to the others.
  • Congrats to this guy who broke the Guinness record for 1-finger pushups. I’m training to beat him as I type 🙂

What’s on your mind this Friday?