stream of consciousness

stream of consciousnessHere are some things on my mind this morning:

  • Next Tuesday will be the 1-year anniversary of New Vintage Church’s launch. We celebrate this Sunday. I can’t wait to talk about some of the great things God has done, look toward the future, and celebrate His goodness. I’m overdue for an NVC update on the blog, but will wait until next Monday or Tuesday. Thanks to so many of you for your support through what’s been one of the most challenging but amazing years of my life.
  • In a few weeks, I begin teaching my first university class. It’ll be Religion 301 – Christianity and Culture. My subject: Christian leadership in times of chaos. Textbooks include some of my writings, and the writings of people who actually know something–Edwin Friedman, Jim Collins, Henri Nouwen, and the Arbinger Institute. It should be interesting–and I’m hoping, a great deal of fun. I’ve always wanted to try teaching, and teaching in a classroom I used to learn in as a student at Pepperdine will also be fun. I hope I don’t bore everyone to death. An afternoon class in the Malibu summer is torture on a college kid. I know from experience.
  • The Pepperdine Bible Lectures are almost here, and I’ll be making my annual pilgrimage with great anticipation of the fellowship and spiritual feast. If you’re there this year, I hope we can say, “hey.”
  • The Padres look absolutely awful. The pitching is great until the clutch, the hitting is sophomoric, and they are fielding like the Bad News Bears. It’s enough to repel me back to the team of my youth — the Dodgers. Wait…no it’s not.
  • I’m so glad the Mavericks unloaded Lamar Odom. But, think about this–Lamar Odom will get paid more by the Mavericks for not playing basketball on their team than most of us will make in our lifetime. Wasn’t that encouraging?
  • Helping lead a person to Christ one-on-one is still the greatest joy of ministry for me. I would take one of those encounters over twenty great sermons or making the goal of a vital capital campaign. In my experience, God seldom uses one person. It’s always a process of sowing, watering, and God bringing increase. Every Christian needs to be intentional about sowing and watering–as well as preparing for when God wants to bring the increase.
  • One of the subtle reasons Christians aren’t active in sharing their faith with others is because they haven’t had the opportunity to experience the joy of someone coming to Christ as a result.
  • Check out Leadership Network’s Leadia app.
  • My three daughters are 9, 7, and 2. This means daily comedy from three distinctive comedians in three different phases of life. As tiring as it is, I’m having a ball as a dad right now.
  • I watched Bill O’Reilly interview the mother of Tayvon Martin last night. What a gracious woman she is through her heartbreak.