stream of consciousness

stream of consciousnessHere’s what’s on my mind this Friday morning:

  • It’s Good Friday, a holiday I wasn’t raised with. I wasn’t raised in a legalistic church, but let’s just say “Good Friday” isn’t the specialty of Churches of Christ. Having said that, I’m thankful for growing up observing weekly Communion–which helped made a part of every Sunday, “Good Sunday.” Tonight at New Vintage Church, we’re having a Good Friday service, involving art created by the congregation, music, reflection, prayer, and Scripture.
  • Gregg Williams is rightfully in deep after a recording of him instructing his players to go for the head of another player (with a history of concussions) with intent to injure. If this is wide-spread, the NFL is going to have big problems on their hands.
  • Opening Day of the baseball season has kicked off. Today’s baseball more closely resembles the baseball I grew up with. Without the steroid era homer production, teams have to really hit, pitch, field, and run. I love it.
  • This week’s video – Congratulations to Kazuya Akaogi on winning the 2012 Pizza Dough Toss Freestyle competition. After seeing this, I thought about how the church would respond if I started the sermon with a Bible toss freestyle. But, better judgment prevailed.

  • I hope every Christian will invite others to worship with them this Sunday. Why? Because it will never be any easier than on Easter Sunday. Second, because Easter sermons often offers the most clear presentation of the Gospel, and 3) the church puts extra effort into the day and has it’s act together. Lastly, all Christians are called to share their faith. If you don’t do it by “Come and See” evangelism, witness to your belief in the empty tomb some way. There…you’re out of excuses 🙂
  • Charles Manson is now eligible for parole. Sleep tight.
  • Until I moved Texas, and then San Diego, Mexican food would have trailed most other kinds on my list of favorites. Now, it trails only steak–and maybe an amazing burger–neither of which are food “genres”–but they should be.
  • President Obama’s comments on the Supreme Court were neither wise–nor correct. I’m glad to see him walking them back.
  • The two hardest things I remember about becoming a young parent were the indescribable fatigue and the loss of freedom in the marriage–meaning we couldn’t do whatever we wanted whenever. I’d absolutely do it over again–without pause.
  • In the morning, when Norah (2) sees me for the first time, she always greets me with “DADDY!!!!!” Is there anything better than that?
  • Jesus’ death is the definitive expression of God’s love for humankind. No one, after seeing what happens at the cross, needs to wonder whether God love’s them.

What’s on your mind this Friday?