stream of consciousness

stream of consciousnessHere are some things I’ve been thinking about this week:

  • Watching Tim Tebow head to New York feels kind of bad to me. I’d love to see the guy to work on his game and see what he’s capable of without having to do it in a circus atmosphere. The media will continue to keep his faith at the forefront–regardless of how much Tebow does or doesn’t “Tebow.” So, it’ll keep all the issues surrounding Tim Tebow’s faith fresh for a long time. This can be either good or bad for Christianity. Tim Tebow–he’ll be fine.
  • In the last month, I’ve been a part of pastoring grieving people through the two most tragic losses I’ve seen in my time in ministry–watching God move in the midst of it all. The grief of the broken is sacred ground. I’m reminded of the importance of presence and humble gentleness in such times.
  • Enjoy this great, short video from Francis Chan on the importance of preachers living out our their theology.

  • Leadership lesson from the news: When your church faces a crisis, try to do better than just, “we need a long-term approach.” People won’t listen or embrace a long-term approach until they can hear it through the gun-fire of the short-term crisis. Their question will be–why didn’t we have a long-term approach before we got where we are–and if we did–how come it doesn’t seem to be working? “Long-term approach” sounds glib, or like dodging responsibilities of leadership in the midst of crisis.
  • The best way to shed distractions is to have a trusted system for dumping, processing, and doing things by the time they must actually be done.
  • After 32 seasons of fanatical loyalty, I swore off the Denver Broncos when their firing of Mike Shanahan broke the proverbial camel’s back. Since coming to San Diego, I’ve been seriously dating the Chargers. As flimsy as it makes me sound, I’d be lying to say my favorite player of all time (John Elway) bringing my favorite current player (Peyton Manning) to Denver isn’t somewhat tempting.
  • Norah (my youngest) turned 2 this week!
  • Sometimes, one person’s justice is another person’s injustice.
  • New Vintage Church’s one-year anniversary is on April 17th. We’re celebrating on Sunday, April 15. It’s been an amazing journey that has brought me closer to God and taught me more than any other year of my life.
  • Fair-weather friends are like fair-weather shorts. Nice at times–but thoroughly unhelpful in a storm.
  • Those of you who’ll be attending the Pepperdine Bible Lectures and would like to hang out–send me a message through email, Twitter, or Facebook. I’d love to if we can make it work.
  • When a Christian feels like they’re drifting–or need to recenter on God–many have a reference point among the spiritual disciplines–a True North that reconnects them to God. Some head toward prayer or church. My center of gravity has always been the Scriptures. I’d love to know what yours is.
  • Sedona, Arizona is the prettiest place in the United States you may not know about–other than Orcas Island, Washington–which to me is more beautiful than the Alps, Hawaii, and even Newark.

What’s on your mind this Friday?