stream of consciousness
stream of consciousness
White board with stream of consciousness

Here are some things I’m thinking about this Friday:

    • ┬áToday my dad has shoulder surgery as my mom recovers from a near-death experience she had yesterday. As a kid, you view your parents as invincible. As an adult, I view my parents as my dearest friends outside of Emily. The thought of them aging is really different. Other than this week, they’re in good health, and I hope God grants me many more years with them.
    • The whole Peyton Manning episode is fascinating from the standpoint of leadership. You can look at it from the perspective of Peyton, Jim Irsay, Andrew Luck, Colt fan, or prospective Peyton suitor and learn a lot.
    • For my two cents, I’d like to see him land with the Texans or Broncos. He’ll probably land with the Dolphins.
    • Anna (age 9), is extremely musically inclined. She picked up the clarinet a month ago, in addition to guitar and piano. Within a month, she’s advance from beginner’s band, to intermediate band, to advanced band–while being a grade younger than she’s supposed to be to even be in band. Yes, that’s a shameless proud dad moment. So sue me.
    • If you haven’t already, check out . A great “aggregate-style” blog. There’s a ton of good stuff on there.
    • I still have the IPad 1, Wi-Fi only. Weeks like this (thanks, Apple) are, for me, akin to what Eve must have felt like in the Garden when the serpent showed up.
    • Here’s an interesting story about The Five Costliest Tweets Ever. A good lesson on the power of words.
    • OK…this is just sick. Marcell Endrey setting the world record for solving a Rubik’s Cube blindfolded (28 seconds). Preacher’s, there are many ways you can use this as an illustration if you choose to.