stream of consciousness

Here are some things I’m thinking about this Friday morning:

  • Tiger Woods isn’t playing on the PGA Tour this week because another tournament in Dubai gave him a 1.5 million dollar appearance fee. Now, he wants appearance fees wherever he goes in addition to the opportunity to win millions for actually doing something–as a condition for him playing. Shame on Tiger, and shame on the PGA for letting him do this. I have nothing against someone wanting to make money or making a ton of it. But, all the fans at Torrey Pines this morning who stood by Tiger through his stuff deserve to see the guy play. I would have loved to see Tiger stand by the fans that stood by him–for a little while at least. It’s also not just about this tournament, but the path he’s chosen going forward. Bleh.
  • Next week at New Vintage Church, we start a new series on Revelation. What an amazing book! Preachers shy away from because we know it’ll take extra study, people may disagree on certain points of doctrine, and people may find it confusing–but I find all of that a rather unconvincing. Extra study is good, it’s good for the church to learn to leave space for differing views on non-core doctrine, and we need not sell people short when it comes to either attention span or intellectual ability. I’ve always found “people in the pew” much smarter than some of us preachers give them credit for. Perhaps that’s our excuse for not wanting to do the work we need to do to teach something challenging and make it fresh…I don’t know.
  • On the subject of money driving things–there has to be a better way for us to do presidential campaigns. Getting to know the candidates and hearing the President make the case for another four years is important. But, billions of dollars spent and 2-years of bludgeoning for a 4-year appointment seems a bit over the top. Keep the debates, let them get to know the country by campaigning–but give everyone a set amount of money–including the President (who will need some extra parameters because of his office). It will reduce the slime factor and make them prove they can make things happen on a set budget. They can also spend more time dealing with issues and less on fundraising–since that’s what they’ll be doing as president.
  • Apple made HOW MUCH last quarter? I wonder if they’d consider a donation to a church plant in Southern California?
  • This week, Pepperdine provoked a furor on campus over denying recognition to a club called “Reach Out”–which claims to be a “support group” for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender students. Click here to read coverage of the story in The Graphic–the University newspaper. Mark Davis, the Dean of Students said the decision was made to honor, “the biblical conviction that sexual activity should be reserved for a husband-wife relationship.” Now, there is a media campaign to get an online petition signed by as many as possible, and a lot of self-righteous name-calling, labeling, and threats from those who supposedly stand against such things. Pepperdine made the right decision based on principles that transcend political correctness. In university circles these days, this is uncommon–and excruciating. I’ll say some more about this next week. But, Pepperdine made the right decision as a Christian University, and I’m proud of them for doing so.

What’s on your mind this Friday?