Here’s what’s on my mind this morning:

    I’m going to be launching a podcast in a couple of weeks. It will be short (15 minutes or so in length), and aimed at providing practical ministry advice of all kinds. I hope you’ll find it helpful.

  • The Pope is in town. In my lifetime, Papal visits have been an occasion for theological bandwagoning. Everyone rushes to claim common ground with the Pope on this or that. The big difference with this visit is the media loves Pope Francis. Thus, we are now experiencing the repreaching of what he says. They would rather rephrase his words than deal with his actual words and lose their love for him.
  • I listened to the Pontiffs speech to Congress as it happened, and then listened to the media reinterpret his words to make them, “fit.”
  • We preachers need to remember this can happen with our words. It’s not just what we say, is what they hear. We should accept responsibility for the part of this we can control.
  • I will not vote for Donald Trump, but I can see his appeal to certain people. My friends on the left and the media remain stumped by it. They see only two possible reasons someone would vote for Trump: Ignorance, and hate. Red herrings, and prideful at that. Ironically, that attitude is symptomatic of the attitude Trumpites are battling by supporting Donald Trump.
  • Panera Bread might take over the world if their food was a couple of dollars cheaper… Especially their kids menu. A family of five isn’t going to like spending 45 bucks on dinner when they can eat at In n’ Out for 25. Lunch at Panera shouldn’t be more than 10 with a drink… IMHO.
  • Apple is going to be in trouble longer term against Android and Microsoft. This is due to the overall value matrix: price, quality, options. They have only one of the three. I think they realize this, which is why they are launching Apple Music and a couple of “new”  products.
  •  The older I get, the more the history of the Church becomes important to my perspective.
  • When I read that someone is “reclaiming”  this or that or “rethinking” this or that; or “reinterpreting” core doctrines, I find myself skeptical. I suppose it’s possible the Apostles, Augustine, Aquinas, Luther, Calvin, and others all missed it…but the Milennial blogger has discovered it. Probably not.
  • I’m not suggesting we accept church teaching uncritically. I’m suggesting the burden of proof is on us if we feel we’ve been led astray for centuries and have a new take on a core doctrine of Christianity.
  • In all things, the Scriptures, not our favorite theologians or authors, should have the last word.
  • Most will nod in agreement at that last point, and then some will open their N. T. Wright book this afternoon as they finish their sermon rather than the Bible or a theologian whose perspectives have passed the tests of history. By all means read Wright, but keep his perspective in perspective…and think critically about it.
  • The worst thing a church can do for its future other than foster an atmosphere of gossip and complaining is hire poorly.
  • The worst thing you can do for hiring is appoint a philosophically divided committee to hire someone into a philosophically divided church.
  • Early World Series pick: Toronto Blue Jays vs. Los Angeles Dodgers. Winner: Blue Jays.
  • I’ve been taking a bit of a break from blogging recently, but I’m back.

What’s on your mind this morning?