stream of consciousness

Here’s what’s on my mind this morning:

  • Some of us really need to get over being offended about everything, every day, every hour.
  • I think society might be better off if we strived not only to avoid offending one another…but we strived not to be offendable. Who knows—we might get somewhere and be a much more civil, rather than fragile, society.
  • Peggy Noonan KILLED IT in the Wall Street Journal last week in her editorial, “The Trigger Happy Generation.”
    Must. Read. It focuses on the emotional hypochondria of millennials, especially today’s college students. It’s a
  • A quote: “Do you think Shakespeare, Frieda Kahlo, Virginia Woolf, Langston Hughes and Steve Jobs woke up every morning thinking, “My focus today is on looking for slights and telling people they’re scaring me”? Or were their energies and commitments perhaps focused on other areas? I notice lately that some members of your generation are being called, derisively, Snowflakes. Are you really a frail, special and delicate little thing that might melt when the heat is on? Do you wish to be known as the first generation that comes with its own fainting couch? Did first- and second-wave feminists march to the barricades so their daughters and granddaughters could act like Victorians with the vapors?”
  • A generation that comes with its own fainting couch? That’s awesome.
  • Is anyone really shocked at the FIFA scandal? Does anyone else wonder if the rest of the world is looking at America and going… “So, what’s the problem, again?” A lot of this sounds like the way business is done in other parts of the world.
  • The staff from New Vintage Church spent some time with several other churches honing vision and laying out specific projects we hope to work on and execute over the next 2 weeks, 2 months, and 2 years—based in part on a Natural Church Development (NCD) analysis of our congregations.
  • NCD uses feedback from a cross-section of 30 involved church members and the “vital signs” of your church to assess your church in 8 quality characteristics. The idea is that by working on your “lowest” rated quality characteristics, you will increase the health and growth of your church substantially.
  • It’s important leadership hear from the church regularly. This doesn’t mean Town Hall meetings or listening to gripers. It means strategically and intentionally asking those who know your church best and have demonstrated genuine interest in its well-being.
  • There are two reasons for this 1) You want the best/right feedback, and 2) You will be more likely to act on it because you have trust and respect for those who are fully engaged and demonstrate concern for the church’s well-being. It makes us more responsive and less guarded.
  • I’m thrilled to announce a new staff hire on June 8. We are still waiting for some people to be notified. I’m so excited! I guess I’m announcing a future announcement J
  • We married people need to remember how important it is that we continue to date our spouses. I realize it can be expensive and sometime inconvenient. However, it’s so important…and I’ve never regretted doing it.
  • Emily and I have been occasionally fondueing for date nights since before we were married. We create our own little Melting Pot inside the house. It’s a graze and converse date. Get Filet Mignon or Top Sirloin and cut it into cubes. You’ll need some broth or oil to cook the meat, and Rice, corn, green beans, cheese, crackers, wine, candles, music and 3 hours of time. You’re all set.
  • Oh yeah…don’t forget to exile any kids to their bedroom or put them to bed. VERY key.
  • Is your church talking about sexuality these days—I mean REALLY talking about it from a biblical perspective? If not, let’s do it.
  • Golden State looks like the favorite going away. However, I’ve learned not to underestimate the great LeBron James.
  • The College Baseball post-season Tournament begins tonight. I really hope to watch Pepperdine beat Cal State Fullerton tonight. If it doesn’t happen, you might see a grown man cry…and then pull for USC.
  • Lastly, congratulations a day early to D.J. Iverson and Stacy Stivers on their marriage. These are two amazing Christian people—and there is nothing better than watching 2 such people be joined together in covenant marriage forever.
  • May they never stop dating each other.
  • I need to slip D.J. my fondue recipes.

What’s on your mind this morning?