stream of consciousness

Here’s what’s on my mind this Friday morning:

  • A man who was burned by a fajita skillet when he bowed to pray at an Applebees cannot sue, though he tried. He bowed his head over the skillet, something popped, he panicked and knocked the skillet into his lap. He suffered no scarring from the burns. The story reads: “When fajitas are brought to the table at Applebee’s, it’s customary for the server to warn diners about the hot skillet. The meat and vegetables are served in a cast iron pan which is nestled into a wooden plate and often has a cloth pot holder for protection. The man claimed that his server did not warn him about the temperature of the dish, but the lower court wrote, “the risk of injury was foreseeable since the plate of food, as described by plaintiff, was sizzling, smoking and ‘real hot,’.” This story is a win for America…and kind of funny 🙂
  • Perhaps our moms and grandmas were right—that’s what happens when someone eats before they pray. He must have had some chips first.
  • Baseball season is roughly one month away. Let the people rejoice.
  • I wish the solution to what was “wrong with the Church” was a simple matter of changing our teaching on things like gender or sexual orientation. I can’t believe people think that’s it. It’s more likely what’s wrong with the church is the reactivity it exhibits when altering its beliefs because of its anxious desire to be acceptable.
  • We really are too obsessed with what others think these days. It’s hard for me to believe we can be as devoted to acceptability in the public square as we are and be right with God at the same time.
  • But on the upside, there are some amazing things going on around the world in areas of church multiplication, compassion ministry, and evangelism. It is a real mistake to over-focus on what’s wrong when there is so much right going on. God is working in and through the Church in the world—and it’s a delight to participate in.
  • (WARNING: RANT AHEAD) Some people are getting hot and bothered about the house Dave Ramsey bought recently. They say he shouldn’t, as a Christian, own a house like that. The layers of hypocrisy involved here are manifold—not on Dave Ramsey’s part—but on that of the critics. I’ll choose just one.
  • Most, if not all of the people criticizing Dave Ramsey demand their giving record to the local church be kept private. If someone were to examine it and criticize them in a public forum for it—they would be completely mortified—and rightfully so. Yet, they feel like doing this to Dave Ramsey is fine. Why? Because he’s wealthy?
  • Where and when did we get the opinion that gossiping or publicly criticizing people for their purchases was something we needed to be involved in? Really, is it any of our business?
  • Really?
  • And let’s say the critics were right and Dave had somehow sinned (I think it might have been an unwise decision, but not a sin). Would we want people to publicize the materialistic purchases we’ve made? Oh, that’s right—I bet we’ve never made any.
  • And…I’m wondering…by what criteria actually found in the Bible do we say, for instance, 1500 square feet is fine, but 2500 square feet is too much? Or, where we do find that having a Cadillac is sinful, but owning a Ford is not?
  • By the way…we own a Honda and Ford, 2008 and 2007 respectively. Both have well north of 100,000 miles on them. That doesn’t make us any holier than the X family, who drives an Escalade and a Tahoe. Perhaps we should be thankful for the cars God has provided us, rather than envying or criticizing others.
  • Most of us would do better to heed Jesus’ words about plankeye and work on rooting materialism out of our own lives and move on from what might be going on in Dave Ramsey’s life (RANT CONCLUDED).
  • I’ve seen two of the Best Picture nominee films over the past week or so: Birdman, and American Sniper. Both could easily and legitimately have been chosen. Birdman is dark, artsy, and brilliant. American Sniper is heroic, epic, and moving.
  • The Arizona Diamondbacks are going to be offering the Churro Dog this year. A churro in a donut bun, topped with an ice cream sundae. Will I get one if possible? Absolutely.
  • Dave Ramsey better not buy two, though.

What’s on your mind this morning?