stream of consciousness

Here’s what’s on my mind this Friday morning:

  • Summer is the best season of the year. At least, if you live in California. I wish it never ended. Even the hot days have their purpose. I hate cold weather, unless I intentionally choose to go skiing or something. So, I’m thankful God have me born in Iceland. Southern California was perfect.
  • One reason: Baptisms at the beach. New Vintage will be hosting several baptisms at the beach this Sunday night…and it blends two of my favorite things in the world together—ministry and the beach. Baptisms at the beach are even better than… nachos at the ballpark 😉
  • That reminds me of one of the most awesome things my wife Emily has ever said (and there are many): “I love watching kids play at the beach…it’s like God is wrestling with them on the living room floor.” What a wonderful image.
  • Speaking of my amazing wife, she’ll graduate with her Masters of Science in Organizational Development degree from Pepperdine a week from today. She’s worked extremely hard while juggling a ton—and I’m so very proud of her.
  • One of the more difficult things about starting a new church is learning to adapt one’s ministry as the church grows. What is needed as the church starts is different when the church reaches 100, 300, or north of there.
  • Note to the sports media: If Tony Dungy saying having Michael Sam on one’s team would be a distraction causes you to shut down everything else to talk about what Tony Dungy SAID, you proved him quite right. Obviously, it’s a huge distraction. Also, you can and should take a good part of the blame for creating distraction for the young man.
  • I’d also say the relative ignorance of and disdain for religion that characterizes media coverage or lack thereof in this country is demonstrated whenever these sorts of things come up.
  • Of course, I’m speaking generally, but you can’t blame Tony Dungy’s comments on Michael Sam on his Christianity (a rather large leap unto itself), and not give his Christianity credit for all of the immense good coach Dungy has done over his lifetime. It’s a “heads I win, tails you lose,” way of looking at religion…a chosen ignorance.
  • After 48 hours of putting words in Coach Dungy’s mouth, even after he clarified his comments (an excerpt from an interview several weeks before in a different context), the media still didn’t back off—even when it became abundantly clear they had blown it with the first 48 hours of coverage. They didn’t, generally, clarify or moderate their portrayal of Tony Dungy. They continued to report the narrative in their head rather than reality—even if it meant portraying a noble man dishonestly. Shame on them.
  • Last thing on this point: I’ve said this many times in this past year: our inability to handle ourselves as a society when someone says something we don’t agree with is getting frightening. We have to herd them to think and feel the way we do at virtual gunpoint—and the media is the biggest culprit here—and the gun only points in one direction—never the other.
  • The Freakanomics guys are at it again with a book I’m really enjoying, called, Think Like a Freak. If you haven’t read the Freakanomics books, you really need to get them. They are fun, interesting, and you learn some neat things.
  • I’m helping Nozbe beta test their new Android app. Nozbe is the best task management app on planet earth, IMHO.
  • Someone needs to help me understand the Dropbox loyalty some people have. It’s price structure is terrible, but their loyalty is extremely high—but I can’t figure out how their product is substantively better than BOX, OneDrive, or Google Drive. However, I do like Dropbox’s name and logo the best.
  • My prediction for Johnny Manziel? Vince Young.
  • Look for a book to come out this Fall, available in virtually all formats. I’ve hired an editor and work has begun. The target date for release is November 15.

What’s on your mind this morning?