stream of consciousness

Here’s what’s on my mind this Friday morning:

  • Last week, four people were baptized into Christ at NVC. I never get tired of baptisms.
  • Sports Talk Radio is becoming more and more like listening to political talk radio.
  • Piers Morgan was canceled. Who could have seen that coming? Most people.
  • An 11-year-old girl shot and killed a Mountain Lion that was stalking her brother. Wow. It was just a short time after her 9-year-old brother had shot and killed a 120lb Mountain Lion that had killed a calf on their property.
  • I’d move. Mountain Lions are no bueno.
  • And, the guy who asks that girl out when she gets to High School better watch himself. When the girl herself has the shotgun…you can imagine what her dad has in the basement.
  • It’s pouring rain outside here in SoCal, which is great news for our state, which has been mired in a massive drought. But, our fireplace isn’t working. Bleh. First world problems.
  • Anyone else notice that charismatics write much of the good worship music these days? When was the last time a great new Lutheran hymn came out?
  • The single greatest lie society we’ve bought is we have no capacity to change or discipline our sexual desires. Add to that the notion that one need not change or discipline them, and we have a major problem. We think our bodies are ours and that Christ cannot transform that part of our nature.
  • Instead, we say he loves us no matter who or what we sleep with—and wouldn’t ask us to change—because He “loves” us.
  • He loves us no matter what…which is why He made war against our sin (that’s what it is) by His blood. But, we’ve so redefined love these days when we speak of it, it bares increasingly less similarity to the love spoken of in the Bible.
  • If we can change the meaning of words of the Bible, we can change it’s meaning. We don’t need to retranslate it or throw it all out. We just need to redefine a few key words.
  • Which three words would make the biggest difference in the way the Bible reads if they could be redefined? I’d say, “faith,” “hope,” and, “love.” The greatest of these is love. If we change the meaning of what the Bible means by “love” we change the Gospel itself.
  • I hope Ukrainians would be wary of Russia’s involvement in their affairs. Putin is still really upset about that Hockey loss in Sochi.
  • A friend resigned his post at a megachurch this week in order to start a new church. That’s a growing trend–one I find both fascinating and encouraging. It’s encouraging not because megachurches are bad–I love them. I think it’s good to have people who have the mettle to leave the trappings of their current position with substantial skills they possess to head into the frontier of church planting. I’ve had a handful of friends do this over the last several years. In each case, they believe they made the right decision and their churches are growing.
  • I turned over some tech stuff this week–tablet and phone. I went from Android to Windows Phone (Lumia 1020), and from Surface 1 to iPad Air. So, I’m still cross-platform–which I like. I like the variety–and being able to compare the pluses and minuses of each.
  • I want to and need to learn Spanish.
  • What is the one thing you regret you haven’t done yet? Make a plan to do it…even if it’s ten years from now.
  • I’ll put in an early plug for this year’s Pepperdine Bible Lectures class I’m teaching in the 1:30 slot, “Stronger than Hell.” I’ll be offering some brand new, surprising insights from churches that have turned around, or grown through the most difficult of circumstances.
  • Jazz is the only acceptable music on a rainy day like this.

What’s on your mind this Friday morning?