stream of consciousness

Here are some things on my mind this Friday::

  • The Sochi Winter Olympics are firing up, and I am having a blast follow @sochiprobz on Twitter. The jokes about the “natural” accommodations and fine preparation Russia has done preparing for the games is absolutely outstanding. Every now and then, there are some colorful tweets in there—so be forewarned. #sochiproblems is also a great hashtag to follow. But, do so at your own risk.
  • Thrilled that my USC Trojans had a great National Signing Day. When you only have 19 scholarships to commit, every one matters. They made them count.
  • The more I work, the more David Allen’s GTD task management system blows the others away to me. Simple things like the 2-minute rule and simple principles like keeping nothing in your head have changed the way I work and let me sleep better at night.
  • I have the blessing of sharing a word at the RENEW conference in Fresno, California on Saturday. I would appreciate your prayers for me and the others speakers. The theme is, “A Renewal of Compassion.”
  • Philip Seymour Hoffman’s premature death due to a drug overdose is so sad. He was a truly brilliant actor. The last movie I saw him in was MONEYBALL—a movie I loved. But, I’ll remember him most for Capote.
  • Easter is quickly approaching and with it, so is the obligatory flood of shock-jock Easter books claiming something awful about Jesus or the church. The last Easter-time exchange of real consequence was the Jesus Seminar/Luke Timothy Johnson exchange some fifteen years ago. I’m not saying there hasn’t been a stir since (DaVinci Code, The God Delusion, etc.).
  • Have you ever noticed how people talk with their driving moves? If a car tailgates you for a mile, then speeds past you without eye contact, and then cuts in front of you—that’s a statement. There are dozens more–but check out how people talk with their cars. It’s rather interesting.
  • I’m beginning a new message series on First Corinthians this Sunday at New Vintage Church, entitled, “Not Our Own.” I can hardly think of a book more relevant to today’s Christ-follower. I’ve never preached through the book, and for a preacher, this is really exciting.
  • How ‘bout that Super Bowl?
  • I will say it again: I really don’t like how many people today think if a person says something wrong they should never be allowed to work again and they are forever a loser. The irony is the same people undoubtedly want to be forgiven for what they say.
  • Why is it that deciding something is OK now makes one’s position on the matter, “evolved?” The term suggests progress and essentially says those who see things differently remain in intellectual neanderthalism. That, in my opinion, is neanderthalish.
  • “Research shows,” is becoming an empty phrase, which is a shame.
  • Jay Leno has been on top for 20 years and is turning over the Tonight Show to Jimmy Fallon. I’ve been watching Jay since I was in college. I am now a man without an evening comedian. Fallon is really creative but isn’t close to delivering jokes as well as the others. However, I’m sure he’ll get better with time–and his other bits are amazing. His band is also outstanding.
  • Jimmy Kimmel is great—and relatively clean in his humor. His other bits are great. Liewitness News and Mean Tweets is about as good as it gets.
  • Conan has lost a step since moving to TBS, but I love me some Eight O’Clock.
  • Letterman? Nah.
  • Pitchers and catchers report soon. All is well.

What’s on your mind this Friday?