stream of consciousness

Here’s what’s on my mind this Friday:

  • It’s been quite a week. Mom had open heart surgery yesterday to undergo a valve replacement and bypass. She came through like a champ, no doubt on the answered prayers of many. To those of you who did–thank you so much.
  • Thanks for being patient with me this week as I took it slow from a blogging standpoint, of necessity. I’ve always tried to ride the fence of trying to provide consistent, helpful things to people looking to grow as leaders in Christ—while also believing, “the blog was made for man, not man for the blog.” So, we should be ready to go back to normal on Monday.
  • One of my favorite quotes of the week came from Jim Rome, in defense of Richard Sherman: “Justin Bieber is more of a thug than Richard Sherman.” Hah! He’s not wrong when you look at the two closely.
  • When I first saw Richard Sherman’s comments live, I was offended by them. I thought, “That’s totally classless.” The more I’ve thought about it, the more I’ve softened my position. Those who have played high-level athletics know, “the zone,” and its intensity when playing an opponent that runs smack on you through the game. If you are in a championship game and make a huge play and second later have a microphone put in your face–that’s not the real you coming out. That’s the zone coming out through you. His comments were wrong–but I don’t think they make him a bad person.
  • I know some of you read that and said, “Whatever…” Well, we’ve all got a zone. Imagine what you might say seconds after you fought an intruder in your home to save your kids. Imagine what you might say the second you won the lottery or were cut off on the road by someone who almost killed you. Yep.
  • By the way, we need to stop all this, “If you say something wrong, we ruin your life” thing we have going on in culture. Its not healthy.
  • At the same time, I’d love to see us civilize our discourse. But, that will never happen through a mouth Gestapo. There are appropriate lines–and everyone’s is different. But, it’s the viciousness with which we treat unpleasant speech these days that, to me, belies something beyond pure motives is at work here.
  • This week the PGA Tour is just across the way at Torrey Pines. I go to the tournament every year—but won’t make it this year. I think PGA tournaments are among the best fan experiences in all of sports.
  • Think about it: Where else can you, for twenty bucks or so, walk alongside the professionals themselves and actually converse with them from time to time. Everyone pays the same and can get within mere feet of Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson with some of the most beautiful terrain in the world in the background. It hardly gets better than that.
  • The hidden popularity of professional tennis never ceases to amaze me. Having said that, whenever I watch it, I get sucked in.
  • I still don’t get soccer’s popularity—other than at World Cup time.
  • One of the hardest things to do well is keep a good pace in church life. I’m speaking here not of a personal pace but a congregational pace—the speed and intensity of ministry. MACH-12 is OK for a season, but that can’t go on forever. However, if a church goes for too long without a MACH-12 season or at least seasons where the pace is picked up—it can be hard to pick up the pace again.
  • New Vintage Church’s Men’s Ministry launches tomorrow. It’s funny how awkward it can be for churches to articulate a clear purpose for men’s ministry. This isn’t because there is no purpose, but because talking about the unique spiritual concerns and life issues of men has become an increasingly delicate subject in our culture—due to the broadening of gender roles. The problem isn’t that broadening. It’s our irritability when we discuss these things.
  • Because we won’t articulate it, our church members increasingly lack a clear picture of what it means to be a Christian man. Ten to twenty years ago, churches rightly broadened their view of what a Christian woman could be. However, we never articulated what it meant for men.
  • If you don’t believe me—the next time you hear a sermon preached on the subject (usually only on Father’s Day—when men are told what not to be), try to see through the haze and hear over the crunch of eggshells underfoot. God’s Word has much to say to men—things that can enrich our workplaces and transform our lives at home.
  • I’ve been experimenting with numerous task/project management software packages. After much searching, I’m sticking with Nozbe, mostly because of their integration of Evernote reminders into their pre-existing awesomeness.
  • For those of you who are cold, the high today is 75 in San Diego. Stay warm 🙂

What’s on your mind this Friday morning?