stream of consciousness

Here are some things on my mind this Friday:

  • Happy 100th weekaversary to this feature of New Vintage Leadership. This weekly column has actually been going longer than this, and ran for quite a while under different names for years before I made it a weekly feature.
  • I started doing it for three reasons: 1) Fridays are good for lighter stuff. 2) I felt it proper to “let my guard down” some rather than just shooting off mini-manifestos. That gets old unless your N.T. Wright or something. I’m not. I’m a preacher who loves Jesus and His people. I love theology. I’m also a person who loves food, sports, and lots of coffee. 3) I needed a place to “park” thoughts I had that didn’t deserve an entire post. These are thoughts I haven’t processed all the way. I’m just starting to think about them. Deep thoughts…like… 🙂
  • I feel like a man without an NBA team. I was a rabid Lakers fan until 1986, then followed the Clippers from 86-02…when I moved to Dallas and became a Mavericks fan…when they were still awful. Now that Dirk’s career is heading toward the finish line and I live in San Diego…I should return to the Clippers (given their SD history). But, I find myself pulling for the Lakers, Clippers, and Mavericks—which is an oddly promiscuous and philosophically impossible NBA loyalty.
  • Between the three elements of a good staff hire—character, competency, and chemistry…we tend to overestimate competency and underestimate chemistry.
  • Over a million new people in California now have the most affordable health care available: none.
  • The president’s biggest problem now is his trust deficit.
  • Let it be a good lesson to those who lead churches: Leadership requires the trust of those you’re leading. Lost trust, lose your ability to lead. Trust can often be regained…but it’s much harder to earn the second or tenth time around.
  • Another lesson: when people get it out for you—you can do nothing right in their eyes—even if you do something right. People’s hearts can be poisoned toward you–which is usually more about them than you. But, it happens nonetheless.
  • One of the biggest problems in practical theology right now is the popularity of two extremities. One is the strong Calvinist position, the other is almost social utopian, heaven-on-earth position. Both believe they represent Christian orthodoxy…though historically, neither do.
  • Another problem is both of these theologies represent, at their core, a needed correction to popular theology. The problem is, they have lost their cores and have now become caricatures of their best contributions to our understanding of God and the Kingdom.
  • Another developing theological problem–the idea there is a scientific or rational explanation for everything that happens. That is, ironically, a far more simple way to think than allowing for mystery or the possibility there are things beyond human knowledge.
  • A recent study came out that said the number of people out of the work force will top the number of people in the work force within the next four years due to the number of people “dropping out.” If this sad trend continues, it will be interesting to see what the implications of this for ministry are.
  • Pop Warner football’s numbers are in the tank and the leading theory is that parents are preventing their kids from playing football because of injury (especially concussion) concerns. I’m not sure what I think of that. I wouldn’t prevent my own children from playing. But, we parents do too much questioning of one another on things that don’t matter and do little encouraging of one another on things that do.
  • It’s cold today.
  • But, that means I get to wear a hoodie…and I love my hoodies.
  • And, I get to eat soup…which I would eat for all three meals if I could.
  • Maybe I will.
  • Actually “cold” is relative. It’s cloudy, somewhat windy, and the high is 65 degrees. But it’s a cold 65.
  • Brrrr….

What’s on your mind this Friday?