stream of consciousness

Well, the original draft of this humble post fell victim to a computer glitch, so, here is something like it this morning:

Here are some things on my mind this Friday (Monday) morning:

  • I think Nick Saban is leaving Alabama after this season. He’ll either end up at Texas or the dark horse–my USC Trojans.
  • It also wouldn’t shock me to see him pull a Pete Carroll and head back to the NFL.
  • This is Oregon’s year.
  • Only 915 households in the Houston area watched the Astros vs. the Angels on Saturday. Wow…leadership of the Astros has some real work to do to win back a great sports city.
  • Yesterday, I preached on the Parable of the Unmerciful Servant. It rarely occurs to Christians our relationship to God (whose has forgiven us an unrepayable debt) might be adversely impacted by our unwillingness to forgive the relatively small debts others may owe us.
  • We have a difficult time forgiving others authentically. The biggest reason is we aren’t willing to have the kinds of conversations that lead to reconciliation. If we are too afraid to say, “that hurt me,” or to say to an offender, “I forgive you,” we have no chance but attempt forgiveness through osmosis and wishful thinking.
  • Another reason we have a difficult time having those conversations is because we don’t believe in calling things, “sin,” or “wrong.” We just call them mistakes. To have a difficult, reconciling conversation is to call something wrong.
  • Every now and then, it does hit us. So, we often say we’ve forgiven someone when we haven’t…as though we can fool God.
  • Pastors must work to become black belts in both forgiving
  • Two things make genuine forgiveness possible: 1) The enormity of the debt we’ve been forgiven in Christ, and 2) A simultaneous trust in God’s justice.
  • Standard Theme, the blog format I use for my blog (as do gillions of others) has ended–though it will continue for a while longer. So, I’ve got to do an overhaul of the blog. I would love to hear your ideas on the matter–new features, resurrection of old features, post feedback, whatever. I’m choosing to look at this as an opportunity improve the blog.
  • Churches that never talk about money unless they aren’t making the budget will cultivate a nonspiritual view of giving in their people.
  • They are crass, but the commercials for Dollar Shave Club are among the funniest on earth.
  • Top 3 rappers/rap groups in history–Run DMC, the Beastie Boys, and Dr. Dre (in all his iterations). This is debatable…but barely.
  • The greatest heavy metal song of all time is “Enter Sandman” by Metallica.
  • My favorite classical piece of music is probably Samuel Barber’s “Agnus Dei,” or “Adagio for Strings,” as it’s known to symphonies. Such a sad piece of music–and so beautiful. In particular, I like the choral version sung by The Sixteen and the orchestral played by the London Philharmonic.
  • There isn’t a top 3 country music artists/groups…there are only the three least terrible.
  • I do not consider the Eagles or CCR to be country.
  • I love when our kids resist watching a movie we recommend and then say it’s the greatest movie…EVER.
  • Have you noticed everything great authors write is good. They don’t write anything bad…just greater or lesser degrees of good.
  • Let’s not waste our lunch times. Let’s instead use them to spend time with people.
  • World Series pick: still Boston vs. the Doyers.

What’s on your mind this Monday morning?