stream of consciousness

Here’s what’s on my mind this morning:

  • I confess I don’t have a lot of trust in news media. But, the Brian Williams thing caught me off-guard. He always seemed like a credible news man to me. Perhaps he is. We’ll need to wait and see how he handles all of this.
  • Jimmy Fallon has won me over. I still love Kimmel, but that’s partially for a few isolated sketches (mean Tweets, etc.) and the fact that he’s on the West Coast.
  • Fallon has more originality—and is a master at using other celebrities to make his show more interesting. He doesn’t just interview them…He plays Password with them, has a lip sync contest with them, etc.
  • When Steven Colbert takes over for Letterman in September, I will give him a shot—because he may be the funniest man alive.
  • You’ll almost always come out ahead encouraging someone rather than criticizing them.
  • The longer I’m in life and ministry, the more correct I’ve found the writings of Edwin Friedman.
  • When hiring pastoral staff, it is better to hire leaders rather than doers. Leaders typically enjoy drawing the best out of others–and that’s a big part of why people like to follow them. They are natural team builders. Doers often don’t leave enough ministry for others to give their best. To oversimplify, when you hire leaders, you get the leader’s best and the best of those serving alongside them. Doers will give you their best.
  • Tiger Woods is taking a leave of absence from golf. That’s probably a good thing. I followed him around the Farmers Insurance Open for the 12 holes he played at Torrey Pines before withdrawing last week. It didn’t seem like he was actually hurt. It seemed like everything came much more difficultly for him…his skills had eroded.
  • My golf skills have eroded.
  • Then again, if one never had golf skills, can they erode?
  • This weekend we start a new series at New Vintage Church entitled, Clenching the Thorn. It is a study of 2nd Corinthians. On my initial reading through 2nd Corinthians to prepare for the series—I remembered hearing Lynn Anderson say after telling a story of his ministry and saying, “…at that point, I didn’t really know how to love a church.” Lynn did that as well as anyone I’ve known–but I know what he meant. You can feel Paul’s love for the church at Corinth as you read the letter. It oozes throughout. He knew how to love a church.
  • 50 Shades of Grey? Nah.
  • It’s President’s Day Weekend. Who would you say is the greatest president we’ve ever had? I’ll go with George Washington.
  • He has many quotes I enjoy. “True friendship is a plant of slow growth, and must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity, before it is entitled to the appellation.”
  • Regarding government today, however, this Jim Collins quote still sticks with me: “Bad decisions made with good intentions, are still bad decisions.”
  • If I had to pick another president, I would probably pick Thomas Jefferson–with a nod to Abraham Lincoln. I guess that means I think Teddy Roosevelt is the guy who seems a stretch for Mt. Rushmore.
  • We are showing HBO’s insanely good miniseries, John Adams, to the kids. Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney are simply brilliant. Other than the tar and feather scene in the opening episode, it’s quite kid friendly–if they can hang through the lofty oratory.
  • I love my Kindle app, but I have to admit I had more fun and read more when Borders and Barnes and Noble were at their zenith and only paper books were available.
  • People who are able to think critically help better society and are intellectually honest–and often intellectually humble. By contrast, critical people have little of these virtues.
  • Caribou Mahogany is my favorite blend of coffee anywhere.
  • Somewhere this weekend a husband will tell his wife he didn’t really forget Valentine’s Day, he simply refuses to acknowledge such a pagan holiday that is found nowhere in the New Testament. Sigh.
  • Just now a husband realized Valentine’s Day is tomorrow.

What’s on your mind this morning?